Beer – #411 – Hallertau – Joppa Stout

Oh now here’s a thing, Joppa Stout, an award winning beer.

Brewed by Hallertau Brewbar & Restaurant and in the style that is of a Stout,  they are a few minutes drive from my house in Riverhead, Auckland, New Zealand

This is a bottle of 500ml (!6fl oz), and at 5.5% ABV,  a whole  2.7 standard drink units,  and because calories in beer is import  - this bottle would be about 220 calories or so. 

Joppa Stout is the winner of the 2013 Champion Beer in the SOBA New Zealand National Home Brew competition. I’ve been brewing and adjusting the recipe over the past 10 years; ever since my husband and I received a home brew kit as a wedding present. Chocolate and coffee flavours balanced by a full body and a dry finish.

I hope this encourages more women to brew and enjoy great beer.”

Joppa StoutIt was a dream come true for Swanson brewer Barb Joppa when she won the SOBA New Zealand Home Brew Competition with the highest ever points score. Californian ex-pat Barbara’s prize was to have her beer brewed and commercially released by Hallertau Brewery. Joppa Stout is a full bodied beer with a lot of bitter-sweet chocolate and coffee flavours. Black in colour, with a thick tan head weighing in at 5.5% with 30 IBUs this promises to be a popular winter tipple

Commercial home brew :-) I’ve had a few of those. But this should be something a little special

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The one with the ‘award’

Award, pronounced awkward. – Welcome to the the “Very inspiring Blogger Award”
I’m pleased people visit my musings and ramblings, and I enjoy the feedback and interactions I have on here of course.
So I was surprised and at the same time miffed when I got a comment that I’d been listed, as part of the rules, for the VIB to pass on the baton, as it were.

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Beer – #410 – Crafty Dan – Triple C

I picked up two beers from this brewer – this one more properly called  “Thwaites Crafty Dan Triple C”, why two beers? Well the other one, to be drunk, had a label thing that I couldn’t go past, and I thought well in for one in for two.

That might be an old Polish Proverb.

Brewed by Thwaites as an  American Pale Ale and they are in Blackburn, England

In a 330ml ml bottle (that looks much bigger) of a 5.3% ABV beer, that would make 1.38 standard drink units equivalent and a whopper of 159 calories in this, stand by!

Crafty Dan - Triple CThwaites has labelled two different beers as Triple C over the years. The current version, described as “A full, smooth and balanced beer with an intense citrus hop aroma”, is a 5.3% American Pale Ale hopped with Chinook, Citra & Centennial, hence three C’s.

Chinook, Citra & Centennial Hops.!!

I have hopes for this that might not be delivered.

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Beer – #409 – Laughing Bones – Lazy Bones Cream Ale

I start Dry July with a beer that I’ve had on tap out on my travels. Laughing Bones Lazy Bones Cream Ale

For Laughing Bones Brewing Company brewed at Brothers Beer in the style that is Cream Ale and they are in Auckland, New Zealand.

I met the man from the brewery too when I brought this, as an aside.

Delivered in a 500ml bottle of a beer that is at 4.5% or 1.8 standard drinks,  and 150 calories (about 180 in the whole bottle).  At 31 IBU units this should be nicely drinkable, sort of Pale Ale or Pilsner level bitter.

Lazy Bones American Cream AleAn easy drinking session beer that won’t make you work to enjoy it. This is crafted to be smooth with a modicum of honey toasted oats and a yeast strain that leaves a fruity, very light, soft balanced palate. Perfectly hopped for a balanced experience this beer is made for you.

Bottle Conditioned this has sediment – makes note to self that I shall forget this forthwith and have cloudy beer.

This has a nice hoppy aroma on opening, sweet and inviting.

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It’s the World Cup (16)

The Knockout round! Round 2

Winners in these two matches get to face off in the next round. No draws it’s a winner takes it all.  I’m tempted by the Netherlands and Greece today. Bookmakers have Costa Rica in mind though… based on my 50/50 results so far….

I think I’m right in saying that in the 2nd game neither team have made this stage previously and so therefore are defiantly in unchartered waters after this.

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Beer – #408 – Epic – Apocalypse IPA

Epic Apocalypse IPA, I fair fell over myself going to get one of these, and one other that I went out for. I need to get out more….  Anyhoo  for now… this.

The Brewer is Epic Brewing Company (NZ) and for Epic this is brewed at Steam Brewing Company and it’s in the style that is  Black IPA and they are based in Auckland, New Zealand, although they tout it out a bit.

50 IBUS things in a bottle of 500ml, that has 180 calories a serve. and at 6% ABV this is 2.7 standard drinks in a bottle.

Black in colour, massively hoppy like an IPA. Brewed using Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra and Chinook hops.

Epic  - Apocalypse IPAFirst brewed in 2009 as New Zealand’s first Black IPA. The dark brother of Armageddon is finally back. Blacker. Hoppier. Better. You think it should be raosty and rull bodied like a stout. WRONG! It’s face punchingly aromatic, juicy delicious hops dominate the flavour, and it finishes with a lingering hoppy bite.

It has been touted as Epic Armageddon’s black brother, but I have used slightly different hops for this version of an IPA. Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra and Chinook. Don’t ask me why, I just felt that the flavours of these hops together would work well in this beer. You will notice that the hop aroma is pretty significant, and this follows into the flavour, where it marries with a hint of roasty malt notes, and finishes clean, bitter and an after taste of hops.

I might be onto something. If not how to cut and paste links from google.

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Beer – #407 – Garage Project – Château Aro

Poshed up name this one – Garage Project - Château Aro.

Brewed by Garage Project in the style that could be called Fruit Beer and they are in the windiest of Wellington, New Zealand

Their standard delivery of a 650 ml bottle, this one has beer of 8.5% ABV,  making it 255 calories a serving, and containing  4.36 standard drinks

Garage Project - Château Aro‘Never mix grape and grain’ – we’re breaking the cardinal rule again for our second grape harvest beer. Château Aro, a dark rubescent lager, conditioned on the freshly crushed juice and skins of pinot noir grapes from the award winning Escarpment Winery. And the result of this unholy union? Rich, complex and surprising. Remember, beer then wine, you’ll be fine.

Indeed, they seem to best at the beers at the edge of the boundary rather than the middle,  I’m hoping that this is nearer the edge.

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