Beer – #413 – Ochakovo – Stolichnoe Double Gold

Da! Ochakovo Stolichnoe Double Gold,  MrsPdubyah thought she was being nice and brought me this from the supermarket, and what finer an example of Russian beer than that which is a  Lager Beer.

Brewed by Ochakovo in the style that is Premium Lager and they are based in Moscow, Russia

Russian Lager!!!

Funky bottle  contains 500ml  of a beer that is 5.5%, 165 calories a serve, and 2.17 stand drink units – Боялся, что будет ужас-ужас

” Двойное золотое» необычный сорт пива – пиво «с телом». Плотность 13% и содержание алкоголя 5,5% обеспечивают пиву интенсивный солодовый вкус и крепость вкупе с приятной бодрящей горечью. Особенная горчинка, присущая марке «Двойное золотое», достигается применением уникальных сортов хмеля. Его эфирные масла наполняют пиво ярким и оригинальным ароматом. Пиво имеет также необычный янтарный цвет с золотисто-каштановым отливом “

Selfie фото

Selfie фото

“Double Gold” unusual beer – beer “with the body.” Density of 13% and 5.5% alcohol content beer provide intense malt flavor and strength, coupled with a nice crisp bitterness. Special bitterness inherent in the brand “Double Gold” is achieved by using unique varieties of hops. Its essential oils fill the beer bright and original flavor.

Beer is also unusual amber color with golden chestnut hue.”

So Comrades lets begin!

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It’s the World Cup (19)

Quarter Finals Time.

The winners in these two matches get to square off in the semi-final.

Brazil and Germany for me in the virtual picking comp.

I’d also pick the France-Germany game as being the one with the more attractive football, the Brazil Colombia game the one with the passion and dramatics. Continue reading

Beer – #412 – Panhead – Black Sabbath

From the brewery with some of the best label artwork, Panhead – Black Sabbath.

Brewed by Panhead Custom Ales  in the style that is of  Barley Wine and they are Upper Hutt, New Zealand

500ml bottle (16 fl oz), of an 11% ABV beer, so that would be around 330 calories a serve, or 500 ish for the bottle  and making it 4.33 standard drink units.

Panhead - Black SabbathThere’s an elemental darkness at the hear of this massive Black Barley and Rye Wine. You can feel it wafting rich, dark fruit up from the glass with powerful overtones of tobacco and bourbon. Like its stable mate The Vandal, Black Sabbath is inspired by a famous John Reid-built kiwi hot rod, but at the same time we think its strength and uncompromising character also pay considerable tribute to the rock and roll originators of the name.

I like beer where I learn something, and I did about “Black Sabbath” as I did about the “Vandal” which is very nice beer from Panhead.

Lets get the motor running. (clearly not a Black Sabbath fan)

I remember from when I was 18 that when we got to drink on Sunday lunchtime- opening hours being 12pm to 2pm before they closed for 3 hours, (it was a long time ago) that the finisher was Guinness and Barley Wine. as this was guaranteed an afternoon nap after the roast meal and the football highlights on TV. “The Big Match” One long game and highlights of two others…. 

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Beer – #411 – Hallertau – Joppa Stout

Oh now here’s a thing, Joppa Stout, an award winning beer.

Brewed by Hallertau Brewbar & Restaurant and in the style that is of a Stout,  they are a few minutes drive from my house in Riverhead, Auckland, New Zealand

This is a bottle of 500ml (!6fl oz), and at 5.5% ABV,  a whole  2.7 standard drink units,  and because calories in beer is import  – this bottle would be about 220 calories or so. 

Joppa Stout is the winner of the 2013 Champion Beer in the SOBA New Zealand National Home Brew competition. I’ve been brewing and adjusting the recipe over the past 10 years; ever since my husband and I received a home brew kit as a wedding present. Chocolate and coffee flavours balanced by a full body and a dry finish.

I hope this encourages more women to brew and enjoy great beer.”

Joppa StoutIt was a dream come true for Swanson brewer Barb Joppa when she won the SOBA New Zealand Home Brew Competition with the highest ever points score. Californian ex-pat Barbara’s prize was to have her beer brewed and commercially released by Hallertau Brewery. Joppa Stout is a full bodied beer with a lot of bitter-sweet chocolate and coffee flavours. Black in colour, with a thick tan head weighing in at 5.5% with 30 IBUs this promises to be a popular winter tipple

Commercial home brew :-) I’ve had a few of those. But this should be something a little special

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The one with the ‘award’

Award, pronounced awkward. – Welcome to the the “Very inspiring Blogger Award”
I’m pleased people visit my musings and ramblings, and I enjoy the feedback and interactions I have on here of course.
So I was surprised and at the same time miffed when I got a comment that I’d been listed, as part of the rules, for the VIB to pass on the baton, as it were.

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Beer – #410 – Crafty Dan – Triple C

I picked up two beers from this brewer – this one more properly called  “Thwaites Crafty Dan Triple C”, why two beers? Well the other one, to be drunk, had a label thing that I couldn’t go past, and I thought well in for one in for two.

That might be an old Polish Proverb.

Brewed by Thwaites as an  American Pale Ale and they are in Blackburn, England

In a 330ml ml bottle (that looks much bigger) of a 5.3% ABV beer, that would make 1.38 standard drink units equivalent and a whopper of 159 calories in this, stand by!

Crafty Dan - Triple CThwaites has labelled two different beers as Triple C over the years. The current version, described as “A full, smooth and balanced beer with an intense citrus hop aroma”, is a 5.3% American Pale Ale hopped with Chinook, Citra & Centennial, hence three C’s.

Chinook, Citra & Centennial Hops.!!

I have hopes for this that might not be delivered.

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Beer – #409 – Laughing Bones – Lazy Bones Cream Ale

I start Dry July with a beer that I’ve had on tap out on my travels. Laughing Bones Lazy Bones Cream Ale

For Laughing Bones Brewing Company brewed at Brothers Beer in the style that is Cream Ale and they are in Auckland, New Zealand.

I met the man from the brewery too when I brought this, as an aside.

Delivered in a 500ml bottle of a beer that is at 4.5% or 1.8 standard drinks,  and 150 calories (about 180 in the whole bottle).  At 31 IBU units this should be nicely drinkable, sort of Pale Ale or Pilsner level bitter.

Lazy Bones American Cream AleAn easy drinking session beer that won’t make you work to enjoy it. This is crafted to be smooth with a modicum of honey toasted oats and a yeast strain that leaves a fruity, very light, soft balanced palate. Perfectly hopped for a balanced experience this beer is made for you.

Bottle Conditioned this has sediment – makes note to self that I shall forget this forthwith and have cloudy beer.

This has a nice hoppy aroma on opening, sweet and inviting.

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