As I get older I get different – #2

Space, the final frontier. What a wonderful concept, infinity. UFO’s. How romantic are they when you’re 14, 15, 16…. the idea that flashing lights in the sky are visitors, from another planet. Stoked by such films as “The Day the Earth Stood Still“, and “Close Encounters“, TV series such as Gerry Anderson‘s UFO, and Space 1999, and of course Star Trek and Star Wars.

2 Gerry Anderson UFO series aliens on a desert...

2 Gerry Anderson UFO series aliens on a desert planet. I made the image with CGI. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And how can you not believe? How can you possibly not look at the sky and wonder who it can be that there isn’t life on other planets. A long way away planets, a long long way away. But plants, aliens, visitors.

Aliens, ancient aliens, greys, reptoids, blues, blond nordics, chupacabras… you name they’ve been everywhere.

Of course they’ve all been to Earth, why not, we’re significant, we’re rulers of a planet, with resources.  They’ve all been here, mostly at night, mostly to prod things up our backside, dismember sheep, implant tracking devices or breed. Of course.

And then one day perhaps not. After you read some books, and thought about it, the question was “How?, followed by “Why?”. Two important questions, two of the very best.

And so the slightly older me smiles when people talk of Alien visitations, visitors, abductions, formations of spacecraft in the sky.

Now I know there are enough wonders in the back yard to keep me occupied, without having to have a feeling that there is something out there.

And I think this goes hand in hand with my Atheism.  Sort of.  Except that there must be other planets, and there must be life somewhere else. It’s an infinite universe with infinite suns,sort of. Infinite in the sense that there must be an edge somewhere, a long long way away and I can’t quite grasp the distance to Alpha Centauri for instance, and so the other side of the universe must be a long way away, infinitely far.

And whilst it’s understandable that some people think that Aliens must walk amongst us, there are people that think there is an imaginary sky god. They’re not so different. That they both are in out imagination is all they have in common.

So I’ve changed, we are alone, all alone, at least on this planet, and possibly alien me thinks the same thing.

My love of science fiction films is in no way diminished by my beliefs, it’s in fact the opposite.

One-third of Kiwis believe in alien visits

A third of New Zealanders believe aliens have visited Earth and a majority think psychic powers exist, a study has found.

One thousand respondents were asked by UMR Research if they believed “that Earth has been visited by UFOs from other planets”.

via One-third of Kiwis believe in alien visits – National – NZ Herald News.

  • Nearly 8 in 10 believe that Jesus was a real person who lived 2000 years ago
  • 57 per cent believe in life after death. That belief declined with age, falling from 65 per cent among under-30s to 49 per cent among over-60s.
  • A quarter believed astrology can predict people’s futures.
  • Six in 10 – 72 per cent of women and 52 per cent of men – believe in the existence of God or a universal spirit.
  • 55 per cent believed that at least some people have psychic powers such as ESP.

I have an opinion on this, like that’s never happened

Aliens exist. In a infinite universe, with infinite suns and infinite planets (give or take) the odds are that there are other life forms in the universe. What like that’s a surprise. What isn’t a surprise is that they’ve never visited our planet. If they have ask yourself why? and where are they from. How come they conquered the travel distance thing, and if they are so advanced how is it they can fly vast distances only to get to Earth and crash at places like Roswell. And also ask yourself that with the billions of camera phones that are currently in use that there aren’t more pictures and, er, evidence.

There isn’t actually a lot of evidence to support a person called “Jesus” ever having existed.

There is only death. That is it.

That an arbitrary planet can exert some life force upon you and 1/12 of the population seems likely.

Man invented God, any God, pick a god, we’ve always done it, mostly from ignorance and fear. We’ve had sea gods, tree gods, air gods, fire gods, animal gods, cat gods, stone gods the list is almost endless

Yes of course ESP. If it was real you think we’d need stockbrokers and market gamblers?

I surprised they didn’s ask about Homeopathy, Bio-Mag blankets and the PowerBlanace band to be honest.