Beer – #20 in a series – Shepherd Neame 1698

For the win!  Shepherd Neame 1698 – This had just arrived in the English Corner Shop when I went shopping, so I did the decent thing and put some in the shopping basket.

They’ve dialed back this fine beer to an ABV of 6.5%, but that’s still getting up the scale of strong.

And, yes I look like Ive been goosed by someone under the table, but for this beer in a word “Magnificent”

1698 is brewed with Pearl malted barley and crystal malt harvested in Kent, while Target and East Kent Goldings hops are added three times during the brewing process. Time well spent.

The beer has a pale bronze colour with an enormously complex aroma very malty and moreish.

The experts would have you have that the finish is dry but beautifully balanced between sweet grain, bitter hops, tart fruit and continuing notes of butterscotch and vanilla. Malt: high. Fruit: high. Hops: medium.

Bazinga! This one really rings the bell on the pdubyah-o-meter, with an unbeatable 10. Taste, Smell, Enjoyment it’s all in a handy pint sized bottle. Get in there!