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Twitter in the workplace Pt1

The one with the plan!

I have a Pretty easy brief from the boss, “we need twitter in our sales and marketing please do it”

So there I was vaguely aware of Twitter and not a lot else, and where to start. Based on the exuberant recommendations from aforementioned Boss apparently Twitter was something awesome and inspiring and that “everyone” was using it, and making money and making customers happy.

Like all good stories the success of twitter as a communication tool was pretty much unverifiable, what really was the truth that “they” watch twitter to react to tweets and respond accordingly – fixing problems and interacting with disgruntled people to put a lid on dissatisfaction.

But like all good projects you have to start somewhere and find your own truths. So first thing first a personal twitter account – get your toes wet see what is what. Lucky for me an acquaintance of mine was also getting her feet wet so at least I could look forward to some results. Twitter is pretty easy to understand as a concept and “following” like an acolyte becomes something you do and not think about- basking in the reflected glory of following web luminaries sush as Kevin Spacey or Stephen Fry, or more locally Mike Hoskings, or Kate Hawkesby.

And people follow you! Who knew I was that interesting to Montreal Real Estate people, or Basketball world and others, still a following is a following and I have one more follower than I follow, if that makes sense, since I am not of the I-follow-you you-follow-me school of twitter

Next then a giant leap – A corporate twitter account. A new challenge, one to test the veracity that “they” were watching and “they” were tweeting.
And a way to manage what you watch – lucky for me I picked up a rant from someone I follow about some software – tweetdeck – that I just had to try.

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