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Twitter in the workplace Pt3

In where we discover that all you need is time.

One of the things not mentioned in all the literature is how much time you need to build a following, how you really attract followers and when you can expect to get some traction

I believe that my organization in NZ is leading the way in adopting Social Networking in the workplace but it really is not clear just how long you need to make a mark. Sure following the leaders is one way to get news. Re-Tweeting may make your tweet count rise, but it seems to be to be likely that the same people following you are following them? I could be wrong.

Tweedeck can be a distraction, and you can end up absorbed in the twitterings about Cisco, for instance, who could be a person/Dog/Fish/Bar or nick-name – there is a lot a chafe with the wheat. So you have to begin to pick your keyword followings.
And there are things like #tags (hash-tags) to get a grips with, like keywords they can attract people to your followers list.

There are also a number of measurement services all starting with some variation on “tweet” that are 3rd party offerings that are available to use, mostly if not always free of charge.

And so then that brings us to our second step, we’re already tweeting our normal information to the twitterverse, and our next step in the social media project is to expand our usefulness. How we do this is to blog. And to blog you need content. And to get content you either have to be an expert in your field, have great opinions about a wide range of subjects, be good at research and be able to translate that into an article, or get someone to provide you the words you need.
We’re going to have a mix and match of in-house submissions and donated words.

That’s the plan anyway.

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