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Twitter in the workplace Pt4

The one where we get Blogged down

I am kidding the only thing we’re stuck with is motion towards, that is finding a blogging service that will ultimately suit our needs. And as I think we’re leading this from the from in NZ it’s going to be imperative that we get it right first time.
The project sponsor has a site host in mind – SquareSpace – so the next thing to do is sign-up for one of those on a limited basis as an individual and try-it and see.
As mentioned though it’s going to be a challenge to have enough things to post – no use starting with a hiss and a roar if after a week you’ve used your best stuff and get writers block or cramp.

Some of the criteria we are looking for include the use of tagging, so that we can identify an article in a number of ways, say for instance we have 5 key topics that drive our marketing and our vendors, call them 1,2,3,4 and 5. We need to be able to tag an article so that it can appear in 1,3,5 or 1,2,3 depending on its content.
What are the fabulous 5? Security, Virtulisation, Storage, Collaboration and Networking.

Like a said, quantity and quality of words, and a place to display your wares.

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