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Athiesm and Man made climate change

I don’t believe there is a god. That’s pretty much it. I don’t have to believe there is one, and I find it hard to reconcile while people have this crushing need to believe there is one, when it is clearly contrary to all the evidence. Then of course we read it through different eyes.

I don’t believe in man made climate change. I believe in climate change of course, you’d be daft not to at least grasp that there has been a progression of the seasons, and that there appears to be growing extremes of weather.

Religious types. particularly the Christian types, are pretty much the same as Climate Changists. They both cast you as “unbeliever” thereby labelling you as someone who is counter or contrary the “norm”. It is not normal to be a Christian, ask any Buddhist or Muslim for instance.

and man “must be” “has to be” responsible for climate change, no if’s but’s or maybe’s about it. Definitively and absolutely it’s man. Man has to be the centre of things, it’s what God would have wanted.

I find it unpalatable to be labelled unbeliever, as I would be if I was labelled “unclean” or “underclass” for instance, as I am sure it was unpalatable to be labelled “Jew” in 1940’s Germany.

It’s somewhat like the Ford/Holden thing that is prevelant in Australia/New Zealand. One side believes without a doubt that one V8 is better than the other. Regardless of any other cars made by them it’s just about the name. There is no lucid argument as to why one is better than the other, it’s based on personal preference and the winning capabilities of either on race day – in race cars that bear only passing resemblance to the road car version. But you get labelled as “Ford” person or “Holden” person even if you are driving a Mitsubishi – which quite frankly is what most of them do drive. Just illogical.

Just as it’s illogical to be distainfull of theists or those that don’t actually belive ‘man’ has broken the planet just based on your own preference.

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