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There is a gap then between that one and this one (posts that is) for no reason other than I haven’t.

Since then – 22nd September – and now seems like a life time.

I’ve been to Eden Park for the League tests. Apart from a weird decision to close the over bridge at Kingsland which prevented me going to the pub pre-game it worked out well.

The bus from Albany to the Stadium was awesome – and free- the longest part of the journey along the torturous road past St.Lukes. I’m sure they’ll not fix that before the RWC arrives – I’m not holding my breath.

At the stadium however they need to figure out the method of getting in at which gate, and where and why some of the concession places are there. Clearly for an event of 4 hours there was a need for refreshment, but there are ways to try and minimise over consumption.

For a single event though why sell beer? Who can’t go 90 minutes without a beer, or wine? The same people who need blaring music every time the game stops for any reason, just in case we get bored?

And when “we” the crowd get bored what happens – “we” entertain ourselves – with the mexican wave. The throwing things in the air bit is a mystery – but hey they sell beer in plastic bottles that gather around your feet – what else to do with them?

And if beer is such an issue I’d suggest that having staff wandering around selling directly to the crowd from shoulder bags may not be a good idea – host responsibility and all that.

The stadium does look half finished though, 4 stands – all different – I’m sure some of the seats are better than others – but lets put on record that I wouldn’t particularly pay hundreds of dollars for one for any event.

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