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Larkings Landing, Beach Haven, Auckland

I had some time on my hands today, and went a wandering. I found this;

Hilders Park, Or Larkings Landing if you prefer. Down some steps to the Sea Scout hut,  a moored Play boat that seems to be allowed to wander as it’s tether and tides take it, more seats with dedications to dead people than is prudent (all painted deep institutional green) , and  at least 3 public barbecue machines.

Bit of a find really

You’ll seem I’m still a thing for geometric shapes and got a tad muddy getting under the wharf, I just can’t help myself.

One comment on “Larkings Landing, Beach Haven, Auckland

  1. Kerry
    September 1, 2014

    Check out the remarkable Story of Larkings Landing:

    Or watch the Video:

    Maybe you could capture a picture off the video, of the Boat that Frank Larkings used to transport the 1,200 cubic metres of sand that were used to build the beach, and publish it on your website..


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