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Beer- #100 – 8 Wired – Superconductor

Well, we’re 100 not out, literally, since so far my the beers have all been from the bottle shop and enjoyed in the pleasure of the home. Makes me a bit of a no-mates. So to get me over that loneliness I’m going to to have some of the 8 Wired Superconductor, and I’m going to Spotify The XX – Coexist, because the TV has been hijacked by the ladies who are watching X-Factor or whatever that’s called.

Super Conductor Double IPA8 Wired Brewing  who get theirs brewed at Renaissance Brewing, Blenheim, New Zealand, this one in the style of an  Imperial/Double IPA.

The label says “if you don’t like hops don’t buy this beer. It’s feisty this one.

500ml bottle of an 8.8% ABV beer (that’s equivalent to 3.5 standard drinks)

Holy heck that’s a hophead amount of aroma, but it also has a sweetness of caramel malts. The Hops have a pine note to them. Naturally I can’t pour with a head, you’d think by now that i’d have got the knack.

And that’s very much a significant amount of bitter hops on the palate. Not so much that you suck air in through tangy lips, but that’s a noise that’s making itself heard. (it does say on the label…..)  That pine aroma seems to carry through to the taste, this is very long as a taste.

This is, though, a pleasant and drinkable golden coloured beer, and again a bit of a winner from 8 Wired.  The pdubyah-o-meter makes this a solid 8 things. This isn’t going to be a beer that satisfies or impresses everyone. It’s more at the bitter end of the scale than the softer sweeter end, and it probably should be enjoyed with something that stands up to it by way of a food match. In the end though this does push my boundary for hops and bitter, and I’m going to bid a bit of a retreat from the edge.

100 beers (that I’ve written about, I wish that was all my intake, but you know I’d be telling you a fib), and this one seems a reasonable way to get there.

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