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It’s the Word Cup (10)

Day Eleven

Looking forward to game one and 3 the middle game no so much, but they all have something in them.

Game One:  (game thirty ) 

Belgium – Russi –  A game that has a lot of promise and potential to be open and free flowing, which in my head is how it plays out, 

Reality though that this is a tight match that offers up few chances and opportunities.   Early chance Russia well saved. Belgium seem to lack final pass accuracy even down the right wing where Russia seem week.

Both sides seem content not to chase the points, of course Russia needing them more and it was largely a dull and unmemorable first half despite Russia finishing with a hiss and a roar.

Second half and it’s much the same, and arm wrestle, with few clear and open chances and the game looks like it is drifting towards a 0-0 result.

The Belgium substitute at 75 minutes changes things and the intensity cracks up a little, and two more chances, one very close from a free kick against the post sets up the final 10 minutes.

GOAL! Belgium the deadlock is broken 1-0, simple run to the line and pass to the middle, and I don’t think there is enough time left for Russia to get a draw.

Finishes 1-0. Not one for the scrapbook.

Game Two: (game thirty-one )

Korea Republic – Algeria   Actually a very engaging game with lots of nice football in the first 20, half chances though mostly for Algeria who appear to the mist organised.

Route 1 ball on 26 minutes an Algeria take a 1-0 lead that is deserved.  No sooner than that, and from a corner and the  goalkeeper  makes a howler of a decision giving the defence no chance, and Algeria a free header and  it’s  2-0.  (that is goal #86 of the tournament)

How quickly it changes.  Algeria really do look the part and are well organised against a South Korea team that seems out of sorts, and on 38 minutes it’s 3-0 more average defence and leaving players open.

Half time 3-0 Algeria and they look every bit that good

Half-time chat seems to have worked a treat and Korea Republic with their first shot on goal score a goal ! 3-1

Algeria not taking that lying down and continue to torment the South Korea team and this pays off with a 4th goal nice 1-2 and classy finish.

4-2 Korea Republic have clearly been given the word and they manage to hustle a goal, very open game with potential for more goals with 20 to go.

but it finishes 4-2 in a very good game.

Game Three: (game thirty-two )

USA – Portugal –  All on then . A bright start totally ruined by dishing up a sitter to the Portugal striker and it’s 1-0  in 5 minutes. 

USA have 4 across the back and 5 in the midfield, it’s compressed.

30 minutes – the game somewhat got a lot slower and less cut and thrust than could be expected with neither team making any real inroads into the the red zones.

After a water break USA goalkeeper  makes a much better save from a thunderous shot from Portugal, but a free kick follows, which is amusing as it was a disaster.

And then…… its a touch on to the post and then skills! to touch it over #scenes

Half-Time and you have to applaud USA for keeping this to 1-0

55 minutes – Just how USA didn’t score  there! brilliant play deserved more.

Ronaldo has a wild swing and a miss.

AND THAT IS ONE FOR THE SCRAPBOOOK!!!!! 63 minutes and individual brilliance and skill. 1-1 USA  thunderbolt!!!!! #Scenes Goalkeeper did not have a chance to move.

It’s a beautiful game.

USA goalkeeper called into action and stays firm, Portugal know they need to step it up.

20 to go.

10 to go.  And unbelievable as USA score again to go 2-1, from 1-0 down!!!  #scenes

Nothing wrong with that goal at all, and they all count no matter how ugly the look. Portugal looking at the bus home!

5 players offside must be a record as Portugal really try to crack the wall.

Cruel and beautiful is this game with a stunning diving header to draw the game 2-2

Stunning end to a stunning game

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