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Another big movie night in

The Second big night in for films then

Easy Rider

Get Carter – 1971 – Michael Caine as Jack Carter in a stark portal of 70’s northern living. Tried to portray a more realistic thuggery and brutality away from gentlemen gangsters. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.

The Long Good Friday – 1979 –  a British gangster film. A world moved on from the Get Carter movie, much more violent, a movie ‘ of it’s time’ it portrays the underworld and the IRA. An interesting plot that surprises with quite a bizarre decision/choice at the end that you wouldn’t expect.

Easy Rider – back to 1969 for the finish. An American road movie. The rise and fall of the hippie movement, drug use, and communal lifestyle. Made quite a statement for the time, changed a lot of ideas about how to make movies. Found it to be a bit of a mess in places, confused, convoluted and somewhat a fish-mash.

Two movies with marching bands in, that’s a first.

Quite enjoy this couch potato thing, although 3 movies does test the endurance somewhat.


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