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Beer – #759 – B.Effect – Vivant Red IPA

The other B.Effect beer, the second of the four I brought, and I note from their website that there was a hop change from the first batch to the second batch, when 5 hops became 3. OF course I have batch 3, and on that there is nothing.

“… Eternal life is on your trail, so watch for the red glitter coffin…”

The Brewer is B.Effect, this is a beer in the style that is Amber Ale , and they are based in Wanaka New Zealand.

4.5% ABV, with an IBU measure of 35, in the familiar 500ml bottle, making this 1.2 standard drink units

What's to say?

What’s to say?

American Red IPA – 4.5% Starting with a Tropical Hop note, sweet malt middle, and a bitter sweet long finish, this is a beer to take the time.

Five malts flown in like Laid Back jumping out of a plane with full band and instruments, matched with hops to finish bitter and dry.

So, what could possibly go wrong?

That’s aromatic, in a burst, which fades quickly.

Pour is lovely bright orange brown with a head that is tinged orangey and looks nice but doesn’t seem to want to last the distance Aroma in the glass is quirky.

For a moment I thought it smelt like warm plastic, but It’s clearly the hop combination in play somewhat.

B.Effect - Vivant Red IPA copyAlso there isn’t a lot of body, that bit where you think the malt might kick in for the lift, it doesn’t, and it peters out to a cluttered and uncomfortable finish.

Well that was awkward as beers go, and expectation and delivery were divergent and in that gap is the disappointment.

I like new beers, and applaud new brewers who have the courage of their convictions to put their name to a product, fair play.

In this case I just don’t get it though.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 5 of its things from the thing.  A long way from where I expected it to be, and thought it might be. It is disappointing in many ways, and that’s all I have to say about that really.

The double dip review

  • Where did I get it? Liquorland in Forrest Hill who are always magnificent for new beers.
  • Am I enjoying it? Uncommonly no I’m really not.
  • Would I have another? Not really my thing.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? Not even.

Music for this: ” American Babies ” and ” An Epic Battle Between Light And Dark” on the Spotify

American Babies are an indie rock / Americana band from Philadelphia



A style without definition, amber ales range from bland, vaguelly caramelly beers to products with a fairly healthy malt and hop balance. Often the differentiation between a quality amber and an American Pale is that the amber might have more dark malt character, or a less assertive hop rate.

2 comments on “Beer – #759 – B.Effect – Vivant Red IPA

  1. kingmidget
    March 25, 2016

    I think that’s the lowest rating I’ve seen you give a beer. I guess I won’t be trying it. 😉


    • Philip Walter
      March 25, 2016

      and that would be money well saved 🙂 I’m pretty sure they know its a bit average, they keep changing the ingredients, and I’m sure they are surrounded by yes people who are telling them it is great.


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