Beer – #442 – Liberty – Yakima Monster

On a theme of big beers, or at the very least the APA style,  the Liberty Yakima Monster. A beer I’ve been acused of avoiding. Which isn’t true of course, but only because I thought I’d drunk it. We all know what thought did?

Brewed by Liberty Brewing Co in the style of the American Pale Ale and they are in Auckland, New Zealand

Served as a 500ml bottle that is 6% ABV, either 45 or 50 IBU things  (Iike an IPA) and 180 calories a serve of 355 ml so this would be 220 ish for the bottle. 2.3 standard drink units too.

Get those images of Godzilla and Mothra out of your head! I know you were thing it, but this beer has nothing to do with Japan whatsoever. Liberty Yakima MonsterYakima is actually a region in the state of Washington USA where some of Joseph Wood’s favorite hops are grown. This monster of a Pale Ale showcases several of those hops.

“It’s a easy drinking beer, flavorsome enough for your father ’n law to exclaim “wow – that’s fruity!” yet complex enough for any green blooded hop-head to appreciate.” – Joseph Wood, Liberty Brewer. Gold medal 2012 Brew NZ Awards

Like I said I’ve been avoiding this for a while, but let’s go…

But before that, the artwork reminded me of “Tales from the Crypt” cover artwork, or any other of those 70’s  mags, which used to feature various monsters, ghouls and such like and so forth.

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Beer – #441 – Tuatara – NUI (Mighty Big Hop APA)

Big brother of the fantastic ITI, I’m now going to enjoy the NUI. I hope anyway to enjoy it. It’s a big act to follow.

Brewed by Tuatara Brewing Company and that’s in the style that is American Pale Ale and they’re in Paraparaumu, New Zealand

For this then the familiar all bumpy and lumpy bottle that is 500ml (17fl oz) with a beer that is 7% ABV and 2.76 standard drink units, 210 calories and 8o IBU’s round out that set. 80IBU is about  high IPA – low end DIPA – so therefore a bit bitter.

Tuatara NUINUI (te reo Maori for “big”) takes Tuatara’s beloved American Pale Ale and reshapes it into a more assertive beast. We’ve spiced things up with some serious New World hop porn in the form of Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo, delivering 80 IBU of palate-stripping bitterness. And to showcase the aromatic action, Nui swaggers about on a beefed-up malt base that lifts the alcohol to 7.0%. Frailer souls will blanch at the thought of having their taste buds assaulted in this manner, but the rest of us will love Nui big time

I wonder if the big brother is as good as the little brother?

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Beer – #440 – Tuatara – ITI (Little Big Hop APA)

Another beer from the nice people at Tuatara, this one their ITI,  this is the companion to a beer I don’t have, the NUI (Mighty Big Hop APA), which I will get to as soon as I can. I hope.

Brewed by Tuatara Brewing Company in that style you know as: American Pale Ale and they are based in Paraparaumu, New Zealand

This is in the smaller 330ml bottle, still with the lumps and bumps of the bigger bottles, and it’s only 3.3% ABV, so only 0.86 of one standard drink in this bottle. Only 99 calories too. Sounds like a winner.

Man in need of haircut holds up a beer

Man in need of haircut holds up a beer

Here at Tuatara we understand that your enthusiasm for hops has mutated into a full-blown obsession. We also know that your king hit of the beloved cone often comes with alcohol levels that can turn an evening into a lifetime. ITI (te reo Maori for “small”) is what you’re looking for.

It’s got the New World hop slam you crave from Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade, but with a subdued malt background and a very diplomatic 3.3% alcohol. It’s the ideal session ale for the unreconstructed hophead.

So a nice afternoon beer, even it was cold and raining outside.
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Beer – #439 – Garage Project – Baltic Porter

A Porter. Seems like I’ve moved to a darker side in the last few beers. This is not different – Garage Project Baltic Porter.

Brewed by the prolific  Garage Project of course in the style that is of Baltic Porter ad they are in Wellington, New Zealand

Familiar 650ml bottle (22Fl Oz) , which calculates out to be 243 calories a serve from an 8.1%ABV beer, and that makes 4.1 standard drink units in NZ.

Garage Project Baltic PorterA beer needs to be dressed in the best. Poor Baltic Porter, favourite tipple of the Czars and one of our most popular dark beers, never had a stitch to wear. But now the face of Baltic is bear not bare, naked no longer thanks to the irreverent creative mischief of local gone global art collective & clothing brand ALC. With new threads and a quirky take on the traditional, Baltic is stepping out in fine style. Huge ups to ALC.

It is chilly outside, this might be what I need to get me to the home made pizza-o-clock date I have in a couple of hours.

The Garage Project beers can be a bit hit and miss, and their off-the-wall beers are either just weird, or excellent, and there standards are sometimes a bit ‘meh’  I’m hoping the middle – excellent from this.

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Kereru Brewing – Auro – It’s Gluten free and about to harder to find

Philip Walter:

Gluten-free claims will be banned from beer bottles under new regulations….

Originally posted on buzz and hum:

AuroI was out north of Wellington yesterday, visiting Upper Hutt. I can’t visit my suburban satellite-city childhood home without visiting at least one of the two interesting new breweries that have set up there in the last few years, and yesterday I chose to visit Kereru Brewing in Maidstone Terrace, to chat with head pigeon Chris Mills and see what interesting and brewery-fresh beer was on the taps (because sometimes fresh is best, Stu McKinley).

While there, my friend spotted the bottles of the ‘Auro’ gluten-free ale in the fridge, and made an excited exclamation. My friend is gluten-intolerant, and the discomfort the gluten in wheat and barley bring is one of the reasons beer doesn’t feature in her preferred drinks. But she’d heard of the Auro. “I’ve heard it’s the best gluten-free beer around!” she said.

“That’s great to hear,” replied Chris, “you should get some…

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Beer – #438 – Hop Federation – American Brown Ale

Dial it back a notch, or up a notch with a Hop Federation American Brown Ale, possibly the oldest beer in the fridge that’s not on the save to a really rainy day list

Brewed by Hop Federation Brewery in that style is of  Brown Ale and they are in the romantically named Riwaka, New Zealand

500ml bottle of a beer that is 4.5% ABV making it 1.78 standard drinks in NZ, (Although it says 1.6 on the label), and 135 calories a serving.  32 IBU things which is sort of entry level English bitter or Stout (A Pilsner might be 25 for instance)

Hop Federation - American Brown AleOur American Brown Ale is rich and dark with a delicious chocolate caramel aroma. Subtle chocolate and citrus flavours on the palate follow through to a moderate bitterness on the finish.

Dark in colour but lighter in style and with modest alcohol, our American Brown Ale is brimming with comforting aromas and flavours.

At first, it’s redolent with chocolate and coffee, following through with a full malty flavor that’s derived from a carefully managed combination of six varieties of Gladfield Canterbury malts. An edge of dark-cocoa bitterness is nicely balanced by a hint of cherries, giving it the warmth and richness of a dark beer in a light to medium body.

Based on a style of ale that grew from English roots to flourish in America in the late twentieth century, our American Brown Ale takes the tradition a step further with an Antipodean touch.

Got to be good for you.

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Beer – #437 – Epic – Imperium

I thought I’d have a darker beer, so an Epic Imperium it is then.

“In Luke’s own words, its black, its soft, its malty and with notes of toasty loveliness”

This is a  bottle that is 500ml and has and ABV of 9.0%, which makes it 3.55 standard Drinks and 270 calories a serve.

Epic Brewing Company (NZ) brew this at Steam Brewing Company and it could be described as an: Imperial Stout or Foreign Stout, and they are based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Don't be afraid of the dark

Don’t be afraid of the dark

The Epic Biennial Stout Series present Imperium. You are Tolerant. You are Subservient. Respect the Powerful. Worship the Elite. This is your future. You aren’t strong enough to speak up. Obey unquestioningly. Open the Bottle. Taste this Beer. Enjoy.

Imperium has a rich aroma of melted dark chocolate drizzled on burnt Vogels toast. The flavour is cocoa, salted caramel plums, and burnt fruit cake, a silky voluptuous mouthfeel and a long tarry, and belly warming finish.

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Beer – #436 – Beavertown – Black Betty

More beer in a can, the new normal –  this one a previous gift from the nice people – Today I’m drinking the Beavertown Black Betty.

Brewed by Beavertown in the style that is Black IPA and they are based in Hackney Wick, England

Can is 330 ml, (just over 11 Fl Oz), and contains a 7.4% ABV beer that is at  60 IBU, and of 222 calories a serve. In NZ this would be 1.93 standard drink units. 60 IBUS would be in the middle of the  range for an IPA, which can be 40-80.

Beavertown - Black BettyA big fat contradiction, jet black but light and hoppy. Heavy-handed use of Columbus, Chinook and Citra, with some clever German malt makes Betty a big, stinky brew.
Malt: Simpsons Best, Caragold, Caramalt, Carafa II & Carafa III.
Hops: Magnum, Columbus, Chinook & Citra.

This has a big following and is well liked, so I’m looking forward to this on a changeable afternoon where it’s alternating between sun spells and bitter cold showers.

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Beer – #435 – Timothy Taylor – Landlord *Redux*

I’m going again, even though this was only about 30 beers ago, so once more into the breech with  –  Timothy Taylor Landlord  – English beer.

I really didn’t like it first time up, and was contacted by the importer and he offered me a new bottle of new stock. Humbled that anyone reads me I accepted.

Timothy Taylor LandlordBrewed by Timothy Taylor in the gold old style that is a Bitter or it might be  of course a real old English Pale Ale and they are in Keighley, England

A 500ml bottle of a beer of 4.1% ABV, all of  123 calories, this makes 1.66 standard drinks in NZ. IBU could be be expected in the 30-40 range

First brewed in 1952 as a bottled beer called Competition Ale. Changed name to Landlord in 1953.

Lets go.

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Beer – #434 – Epic – Lupulingus

Beer with the oddest name for a while – Epic Lupulingus.

Buying this today put me in a quandary as there seems to be a raft of new beers available ‘on tap’ that are tempting, but I made a choice and so here we are.

Lupulin = resinous compound from hops. Lingus = reference to tongue

For  Epic Brewing Company (NZ) – Epic Lupulingus – brewed at Steam Brewing Company, this one in the style that is Imperial/Double IPA

I have 1 litre growler/bomber of a 9% ABV beer, with 101 IBU things, making this 7.1 standard drinks, in total this would be around 800 calories in the bottle, a lot of exercise to work that off.

Selfie, trying not to grimace with sore ribs.

Selfie, trying not to grimace with sore ribs.

An intergalactic tangerine colour. The hop intensity is so great you continue to get the flavours developing in your mouth long after you have swallowed. It is full-on ripe summer stonefruit – like baked caramalized peaches, drizzled with apricot syrup – the hop resin character is fresh and piney but leaves an oily and gum numbing finish as your tongue is pounded by the chronic bitterness that feels like it will last forever.

This should go ok with the curry that has been waiting to be eaten and is wafting around the house.

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