Beer – #426 – Ballast Point – Indra Kunindra

I’ve had strange beers in the past, notably the Rogue Donut ones, but this Ballast Point- Indra Kunindra might set a new mark.

Brewed by Ballast Point Brewing Company in the style that is described either as a Foreign Stout or you might see it as Spice/Herb/Vegetable and they are in the lovely San DiegoCalifornia USA

“Brewed with madras curry, caynne pepper, cumin, toasted coconut, and kaffir lime leaf, Indra Kunindra is a 9% ABV stout brewed in collaboration with homebrewer Alex Tweet. It was brewed for Holiday Wine Cellar’s 46th Anniversary Homebrewers Competition. First batch at 9%, others at 7%.”

This is a 650 ml bottle (22 fl oz) of a beer that is 50IBU things, and 7% ABV. Also calories in this beer are 210 a serve size.  oh this is 3.5 standard drink units in NZ.

Indra KunindraOur India-style Export Stout is a unique collaboration with award-winning homebrewer Alex Tweet. Released in limited quantities, this explosion of South Asian flavors is reason enough to kneel down and thank the heavens. It’s further proof of San Diego’s status as a brewer’s playground, and a beer lover’s utopia.

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4:05 am and the clock goes tick-tick-tick Musings

Having, sort of, got my head around the speed of light thing, but perhaps not, the next part is the travelling to a new planet or star, somehow.

These are the current questions I muse on as I meditate myself to sleep.

How many of you are there on this journey?

If speed of light travel, or near to s-o-l travel is  possible that would still mean that something 2 light years away would take 2 years to get to? Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf about 4.24 light-years from the Sun, that’s a 9 year round trip?

Could be nothing there when you got there. Continue reading

Beer – #425 – Mike’s – Vanilla Coffee Porter

Mike’s Vanilla Coffee Porter – from the tap - I last drank a version of this in a bottle in November 2012 – and loved it then, I wonder if I still love it now. This is the non-Organic version.

Brewed by Mike’s Brewery in the style that is of a  Porter and they are Taranaki, New Zealand

Flavour Initial sweetness gives way to fresh roasted coffee with low bitterness and  an After Taste  of Espresso coffee desert

At 8% ABV a litre (33fl Oz)  would be 6.31 standard drink units in NZ, and this bottle would be somewhere around 640 calories worth.



When VCP arrived on the scene, marrying the satisfying hit of a freshly roasted morning coffee with the creamy full taste of a rich dark porter, Mike’s couldn’t help but feel that this son was close to perfection. It’s good morning and good night all at once, a double shot of endlessly satisfying seer rich flours and subtle coffee bitterness that’s smoother than your local barista.

VCP, quite possibly. Very Close to Perfection.

I guess the proof will be in the drinking.

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Beer – #424 – Townshend – Divine Intervention

Townshend Divine Intervention – a collaboration beer (with Southstar Brewing). Calm down. Also A Belgium IPA\Belgium ale

Brewed by Townshend Brewery as their take on the  Belgian Ale style and they are in Upper Moutere, New Zealand.

Brewers note on their website has this though as a Pale Ale, despite the label saying otherwise. One of those things. 

All that but a 500ml bottle, (16 fl oz>, of beer that is 7.8% ABV, making it 3.1 standard drinks in NZ,  and 234 calories a serve.

Townshend Divine InterventionA strong and heavily New Zealand hopped Belgian Pale Ale. This is a collaboration series beer with Kieran Haslett Moores’ brewing arm Southstar Brewing Co. The beer is named in loving memory of Jeff Hennaman from Slayer who died last year. (We are both huge Slayer fans.)

Don’t expect a Slayer video clip either.

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Beer – #423 – Celt Experience – Ogham ‘Oak’ Exotic Belgium Tripel

It’s all on with this then, a Welsh Beer in the Belgium Abbey style - Celt Ogham ‘Oak’ Exotic Belgium Tripel

Brewed by Celt Experience in their take on the style that is : Abbey Tripel and they are in the place that has a cheese named for them, Caerphilly, Wales

This is a 330ml bottle of crafted beer which carries 8.5% ABV, 255 calories, 35 IBU, which would be English Bitter or Stout kind of bitter, and 2.21 standard drink units in NZ

“Exotic Triple brewed with Belgium Yeast with Orange and Cinnamon flavours’s”

Celt Experience - Ogham ‘Oak’ Exotic Belgium TripelEach batch is brewed with fresh ‘tripel’ yeast borrowed from a secret location in Flanders. The beer has a complex flavour combining resinous bite from the American hops, spicy esters from the belgium yeast and fruit and cinnomon twists from the belgium fruits and spices. All finished with supreme British malt and candy sugar…

Belgium Yeast, Orange Peel and Cinnamon – check their video piece 

I am looking forward to this.

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Beer – #422 – Crafty Dan – 13 Guns

I was a bit excited about finding this beer, I’m a marketers dream.

Despite being labelled as Craft Dan then this is   Brewed by Thwaites  in the traditional style of  India Pale Ale (IPA) and they are in Blackburn, England

An American IPA. Hops, hops and more hops – totally awesome! (Absolutely marvellous, to you and I.)

Tonight then I have a 330ml bottle of beer that is 5.5% ABV and 165 calories a serve. At 1.43 standard drinks this might be good for a Tuesday.



An American-style IPA to salute Independence Day. A distinctive flavour with pronounced hoppy bitterness, inspired by July 4th.

Recipe #213
Malts: Pale Ale, Munich, Caramalt, Rye
Hops: Centennial, Citra, Amarillo, Apollo, Chinook, Kotatu

So I read this review, and now I have /Sadface.

You know that I think IPA is a pretty stock beer and there is a lot of variation, not always good

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Beer – #421 – Tuatara – Black, the Mojo Espresso version

Three versions of this beer – This one the third and last one for me, the Tuatara Black Mojo Espresso – Limited Edition Unfiltered Espresso Stout

Tuatara Black Mojo Espresso – Brewed by Tuatara Brewing Company in the hard to guess at style that is a Stout and they are based in Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Delivered as a 500ml bottle that has all the tactile and familiar lumps and bumps of a Tuatara, containing in this a  6.5 %ABV beer, with 195  calories a serve, and is 2.6 standard drink units.  No listed IBU for this.

Tuatara Black Mojo EspressoMojo Coffee has been keeping Wellingtonians on high alert for almost as long as Tuatara has been chilling them out, so a collaboration seemed well overdue. Tuatara’s new BLACK series provided the perfect excuse. Introducing coffee into our toasted malt stout has given it a delicious burnt fruit tartness and gateaux texture with a building bitterness more than reminiscent of a good espresso. Dignified aging is on the cards, but in the meantime you have the perfect excuse to bracket both ends of your day with a Mojo hit.

I drank these in some order I made up in my head, Malt, chocolate, coffee. I discovered that the Malt > Chocolate and wonder what this one brings. Continue reading

Beer – #420 – Tuatara – Black, the Whittaker’s Chocolate version

Three versions of this beer - this one, my second, the  Tuatara Black Whittaker’s Chocolate – Limited Edition Unfiltered Chocolate Stout

Tuatara Black Whittaker’s Chocolate Brewed by Tuatara Brewing Company in the style that is no surprise then –  a Stout - and they are based in Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Delivered as a 500ml bottle that has all the lumps and bumps of a Tuatara, they really are great tactile bottles,  this one contains beer that  is 6.5% ABV, with 195 calories a serve, and is then 2.6 standard drink units in NZ.  I note that this one  is listed as having 100 IBU things. 

Tuatara Black Whittaker’s ChocolateChocolate is as popular as beer itself and an important note in a bunch of great dark ales. So for Tuatara’s new BLACK series we went all out and made a dark ale heavily impregnated with actual chocolate. A quick telex to Whittaker’s, New Zealand’s most beloved chocolate maker, saw a load of their finest Ghana spirited up to the Kapiti coast where it was turned into a rich, bittersweet stout with hints of nuts and raisins. Chocolate lovers, stout lovers, anyone who’s never counted a kilojoule in their life, will be in heaven.

The Toasted Malt one was great, I wonder what this has in store. Continue reading

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The Am-Azing (Moltmaker’s) Beatles Museum, Alkmaar

Originally posted on Every record tells a story:

The Beatles Museum, Alkmaar, Netherlands

The Beatles Museum, Alkmaar, Netherlands

Alkmaar in Holland is perhaps best known for its traditional cheese market. Burly men have paraded the streets of Alkmaar for hundreds of years, all dressed in costumes whilst selling their wares.

And there’s also a cheese market.

Perhaps less well known, however, is Alkmaar’s Beatles Museum.

Beatles Museum Alkmaar Holland

The obvious question is “Why Alkmaar?” Although the Beatles played Amsterdam in 1964, they never visited Alkmaar, and the Dutch connection is vague at best: there was that trip to the Amsterdam Hilton for the bed-in for Peace by Lennon immortalised in “The Ballad of John and Yoko”, but that’s about it.* The rumour that one of Revolver’s best loved songs began as “Gouda Get You Into My Life” is almost certainly a false one.

The story behind the museum begins with Dutch Beatles fan and collector Azing Moltmaker.

Rare beatles singles

Moltmaker’s interest in all things Beatles dates back to…

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Beer – #419 – Tuatara – Black, the Toasted Malt version

Three versions of this beer – This one Tuatara Black Toasted Malt – Limited Edition Unfiltered Stout

Right then –   Tuatara Black Toasted Malt Brewed by Tuatara Brewing Company in the style that is a Stout and they are based in Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Delivered as a 500ml bottle that has all the lumps and bumps of a Tuatara, and this on is 7 ABV, with 210 calories a serve, and is 2.8 standard drink units in this bottle.



Greetings stout lovers. At Tuatara we know your dedication to toasted malts requires no embellishment, so for you we have our brilliant, elemental BLACK. Using everything from Roasted Barley to Dark Crystal (yeah, that’s a thing) we’ve popped the 5-grain into the toaster to create a malt base of opulent Cimmerian shade. And to ensure you’re not losing out to all those pale ale bores, we’ve hopped things up a bit with buckets of Pacific Jade, Chinook, Citra, Amarillo and Centennial. It’s a big one, so don’t overdo it.

I think “can” you can overdo it.

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