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Commercial Ventures and the Public purse – #5 – Canterbury University Seeks Bailout As Intake Falls

Canterbury University is pleading for at least another $150 million from the Government as it faces losing almost 20,000 students and $346m in revenue in the next eight years. Based on … Continue reading

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A Commercial venture and the public purse. #2

Here’s a thing.  We’re all familiar with a user pays model. You want something, a goods or service, then you should be expected to pay. Seems the Police are considering charging … Continue reading

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On politics- CGT

So realising your investment will cost you a small matter of a tax, it’s not going to depress the house prices, and will inflate pricing if people do what I would do, and that’s top up your ask price by the amount of tax you’ll pay to be a zero sum game. Just a thought.

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