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Beer – #808 – Altitude – Moonlight Track

It got a bit chilly and wintery outside, and I’m inside looking out and about to have a Stout, seems like it is that kind of afternoon. I’ve even chosen … Continue reading

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Beer – #580 – Altitude – Posturing Professional Pale Ale

It’s time for the Altitude Brewing Posturing Professional Pale Ale. Posturing, Posing, Pondering and Sports! Named in honor of the ego driven montain professionals that we so often meet. Quality session … Continue reading

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Beer – #555 – Altitude – Mischievous Kea

Altitude, Attitude, Aptitude and a good old party. Hoppy yet balanced all NZ IPA.We give away a portion of profits from this beer to the kea conservation trust. This is … Continue reading

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Beer – #169 – Queenstown Brewers – 25oz Pilsner

Queenstown Brewers – 25oz Pilsner – Brewed by Queenstown Brewers in the style of a Pilsener and of course from Queenstown, New Zealand 330ml bottle of a 5% ABV beer (1.3 standard drink … Continue reading

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The Story So far

I like the idea that the last post from me was a couple weeks ago, or december, whatever Much has happened in such a short space of time I became … Continue reading

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