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The importance of self-importance

” Hey I know my rights!” which is what someone who generally doesn’t says when they are clearly wrong. Just an observation and generalization.

But we’re shuffling desks at work, and there are some people who will gather around them a new shiny job title. Different in some way to their old one. Newer.


But some people find this type of change challenging. They don’t want to change desks, and they don’t want a new job title. They prefer “Assistant to the Manager” to “Team Leader“. Some of them anyway. Some are looking forward to a new title. It’ll empower them with enthusiasm and a new outlook.

But that’s what some people are like, those that missed the meaning of the communication or the reason for the shuffle and re-focus. The “I know my rights” people who now need a “new contract” since this is a different job. Not Quite right.

But as a beneficiary of the reshuffle I have a bigger quandary, that of what promises were made to the new team members – those changing from the window seat to the hub. I guess we’ll find out on the 1st

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