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Two words yesterday on twitter “Free Polanski”.

Not from a world recognised name, but a name known in New Zealand. Someone who commands an audience and imparts information, love, humor, and adds that bit in your day that makes a difference. I know, still only a voice on the radio and anyone “could” do it. They can’t he does.

But carelessly or otherwise he’s committed to a statement, a “cause celeb”, and joined a bunch of others calling for something based on what I can only assume is “better than you” -ness

Does that make him a bad person? Not really. But is does highlight that whilst I never met him, never spoken to him, and am not that likely to bump into him in the streets (although that is the most probable), I’ve formed an opinion about what he should and should not be able to comment on.

Except that this is different. We might disagree on political things, he might be left I might be center, we might disagree on Chardonnay over Sauvignon, or free-range over farm eggs. But we can’t disagree on child abuse surely?

Confusing assumed greatness, or significance, and ignoring illegality and moral bankruptcy just seems, in my opinion, to be wrong.

Then just to put the record straight I think Nelson Mandela is a Terrorist. But I’m allowed to say that, I’m not a celebrity.

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