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We live in a nice community of a  hundred or so similarly designed and coloured houses, but as time does you have to make some maintenance steps

As its a plaster sided house we had to have the small cracks repaired, it’s not a leaky house, but the fact is that the construction style does not suit New Zealand with it’s harsher sun and Cooler winters.

So the plaster man came, and alarmed us all with his angle-grinder, and just by the number he found that we’d not noticed. The house then looked a bit patch-work and would have frightened the neighbours to all heck – leaky home syndrome being what it is and that. The house opposite who is having some similar work done the chap used a glue gun!! I know what I’d rather pay for.

Then the house washer came, water blasting his way around the roof and the walls

Then the painter. And do you know how hard it is to choose a paint. Like I said each of the houses are a similar design and colouring, so you really feel obliged to kind of stick near that same scheme.

Resene must love us. I think we tried 10-12 colours, and then finally settled on a colour recommendation from the actual painter of a colour called JOSS

With trepidation we agreed and he’s painting now, slowly so slowly, up and down his ladder doing the eves and the cedar barge-boards. But the bit he has painted in JOSS seem to be magnificent

Real estate sharks have been popping letters in the mail-box “are we selling” and the little old ladies in the street are stopping him working to discuss the colour. He, the painter, tells one story where in Herne Bay (Auckland) he painted a house in SISAL, the neighbours were very keen to know what color etc etc. Six months later they painted their house the same much to the annoyance of home owner #1. Flattery huh

I don’t expect a flood of house painting anytime soon in our street, but who knows

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