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Keeping it a secret – part 2

The ‘corporate’ me is involved with a Social Media initiative at work, which I’ve variously described as either being “leading edge” or “mad”, because we seem to be the only organisation of our type attempting to forge a new path, making us visionary or delusional.

It is a fantastic journey, and there are lots of affirmations along they way, but mostly it’s a circle of “experts” all citing each other, all citing the same success story, with little concrete “how to” advice. There are some exceptions and I would suggest you read the “Tweet this book” http://tweetthisbook.posterous.com/

So we have Twitter, we have a Squarespace ‘blog’ page to land to, and a LinkedIn group. We’re not so keen on FB.

Two or Three  things

 The direction is somewhat herky jerky and random
The resource is limited and what we have pointed at it isn’t savvy about the content need, and
To be honest I’m not sure the ‘real’ me wants to be associated with some of the content.

By the last remark I mean I don’t want to have to paint myself into a corner where you can define me. I don’t want to be known as the guy who linked to a lot of fluff pieces about products. And if I change my job I don’t want to have to undo all that I have done if I have to.

And all of  that makes me a little uneasy about the ‘corporate me’ and the results we can get, and for the business we are in (which is distribution).

I’m sure we’re not delusional and eventually the others will follow us, what I should be doing is making capital about the effort I’ve put in and getting myself some more money for it. That’s the big secret.


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