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Waiting on a Macbook Air

I’ve talked myself into needing one. Just the entry-level one, despite them being 2 or 3 times more expensive than a notebook computer.

It’s about weight, and in philipworld I’d use the Air to fabricate my blog, and things.

That there were a couple of 36 months interest free deals going on, and this is ike a red rag to a bull, at mearly a few dollars a month I could have the toy of the moment.

Except that they’re not in stock, and I don’t have one, and at the price they are I don’t want to wait for one, I want instant gratification, I want it now, today, take home.

So I don’t have one, but I did get a keyboard and a dock for the iPad, and today I’ll get a magic mouse. perhaps.

After all I promised myself.

and then………….. I did some research, and whilst it’s a ood plan, to use a mouse with an iPad it doesn’t actually work. So to plan B then


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