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Slightly denying climate change

I’ll start by stating off the bat that there is no doubting climate change. We have climate change, on a global scale. It is real. I belive it.

How much is out of our control though? Are we really that deranged and insular that we have to believe that ‘we did it’ all by ourselves on our own.

One of the things I don’t get. The amount of energy that is needed to warm up the atmosphere is ‘quite a bit’. I could go all technical and that, if I could, but I can’t, but bear with me, the sun is hot and the Earth reacts to that radiant heat from the Sun. It warms us up every day, well the bits of us that face the sun get more benefit, but you get my drift.

On a daily basis the temperature ranges from a low to a high, and we accept this without a murmur.

Climate change is a long-term game and the lows are lower and the highs are lower, or higher, the average is lower over a longer period, and the trend is to cooler.

So what don’t I get? Simply put, by a simpleton is that solely because of “greenhouse gas”  the earth is undergoing a rapid climate change, and this is to do with our burning fossil fuel. I’d like to think that this can have only been since the industrial revolution, so not hundreds of years. And yet we’re to belive that in that briefest of brief times we alone have damaged the Earth so badly that we’re into a tail spin.

There is no recognition of any previous ice-ages, they were just events that the Earth wrought upon us. We did it, and we did it in the last 100 or perhaps the last 50 years.

How is it that we think we’re alone responsible, is this inherent in a belief in a deity and a hangover from when we thought we were the center of all creation? Is it arrogance? Is it wilful nonsense?

SoI’m not denying climate change, but I’d like to form a gang of 1 that says I don’t think that it’s man caused or man-made, we’re not helping, but again I don’t think that we could have damaged it that much in such a short space of time.

I’ll picking that you have a strong view on this, either through your own bias and opinion (as this is blog bit is mine, you’ll agree with some of it, you could be a scientist and ‘know’ although that’s not science that would be being able to support a theory.

There are two broad camps, those that are following the flock, those that agree totally and in total with the IPCC, and the other groups funded to investigate and to by and large confirm that there is climate change, and largely to support the “man did it” position, or the climate change other groups; the deniers (who I distance myself from), and the deniers that man did it (which I’m a foot in). I don’t think we give enough credit or credence to the power of the Sun and the variables nature to really know.

Before you get all angst consider that we can’t predict weather more than a couple of days out, no matter how much historical and accurate data we collect, can’t do it. We can’t even predict weather in different parts of the same city a couple of kilometers apart, and we accept that the sun can heat the air temperature by whole degrees in short time frames. Like I’ve already put, it’s a long term game of averages, it’s not about the temperature in my back garden compared to yours.

I don’t know that ‘man’ can change the course of the way things are going, that could in itself be a denial, the Canute syndrome. I don’t know that we’ve ever been given a timeline as to when it’s going to get to the tipping point, where everyone agrees that it’s just going to get to an ive age. What never helps are reports that contain “could” as in “could see the sea rise by 120cm” of course we could, if you predict it often enough it could happen, you’re just trying to cover your bases, it’s not science, or perhaps it confirms that science is mostly guesswork, informed and researched guesswork, but guessing the future of the weather isn’t something I’d put my name to.

I hate being called a denier, this is like the Vatican calling me an atheist, calling me out as different, and abnormal, which isn’t the case. Denier is a negative, it implies that there is a positive position where in this case non exists. Besides which who’s winning? and what’s to win? bragging rights in the igloo?

2 comments on “Slightly denying climate change

  1. rogerthesurf
    July 9, 2011

    Sounds like you may enjoy my blog then.





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