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Bromance – How to handle the overfamiliar friend?

We change. We age. We spread out. Our tastes change.
The type of people we like changes, we gravitate towards those we like and similar to us, we avoid those that disturb on on some level or other.

What do you do then when a long time friend crosses over from the like side of the ledger to be in the margins. Now they’re just brash, rude, foul and annoying. You’d still do anything for them but just don’t want to spend time with them.

You could make excuses for their behavior, mostly it’s drink. Some of it is lack of respect. Some of it might be jealousy. It’s probably more the latter than the former.

What do you do though, in baulking you just move further away from the middle ground you have and base your friendship on.

This isn’t like the Odd Couple, were not joined at the hip, we don’t share events, locations or other friends. We have a habitual relationship based on my visiting them. And there’s the point where it goes wrong. They are a stay at home friend. They know my house, they visit to pick me up to go to their house. I don’t think they like my well ordered neat and tidy wife and life.

Or I’ve decided that 3 hours of beer on a sunday afternoon isn’t as much fun as it could be. Or that wii golf is pathetic and is just an excuse for boorish oneupmanship. Yet I’m avoiding telling them, the friendship is worth more than the not having them as a friend. Il avoid them by doing things I want to do, and the bored I’ll go back to letting them win at wii, it keeps them happy.

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