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Faux outrage, Faux compassion and chipping in!

or slamming and damning, counselling and group grieving and how I learned to react in a group.

Led mostly by media snippets and reporting (often poorly repeated, and incomplete, inaccurate and angled for spin) the collective ‘we’ is often to quick to anger. Twitter is the new benchmark, Facebook pages would be next. You never hear of a TXT based outrage campaign though.

The hive mind is quick to pounce on indiscretion and verbalise their thoughts. Woe to anyone who swims against the tide. Someone often leads the charge and will whip a horse to death, but then we all have a ‘thing’ that does that to us (that’s a whole new subject).

We’re morally indignant about infidelity, as if we’re all whiter than white, we’re dumbfounded by misogyny, as if men have never leered at a woman of used a stick mag, and we can’t belive that a school would add a computing device to the compulsory list for stationery.

We definitely cannot belive  that the Israeli’s in Christchurch are tourists, although this seems to be a media hobby-horse and not a hive mind collective.

Anything the Government of the day announces can be negative, mostly negative. The twitterverse will be abuzz with the newly disenfranchised in minutes, spreading like a wildfire, it is to behold!

Similarly with a death. the hive mind seems to get it into its head to want to grieve. Mostly for people they never met, didn’t know and didn’t much care for before their death. particularly but not limited to children, young pretty females and young males. This is more a Facebook thing. But we’re all hectored and badgered into having to be part of a group that mourns, without really understanding why. Hey it’s a young person they died in some way or other and we should all feel some collective guilt.

Sure death is tragic, children dying is tragic, young people getting into situations where they kill themselves and others is tragic. It happens daily, worldwide, a lot. Old people die too, but then they had a life already get over it. I don’t need to join a Facebook group or have some faux emotion based on an out of context picture in the press or on Facebook. Ge over yourselves.

As for counselling. What an industry that is, we have to take into personal consideration the thoughts and actions of everyone. This will and does and can lead to sheeplike behaviours and group feelings. Individually no, group yes. Naturally I’m not a psychiatrist or behaviours expert but I’m happy to bet cash on this being true.

So Faux Outrage and Grief, the latest big thing, or just the big thing.

Makes it sound like I’m not on any bandwagon, trust me I get on them, and then I get off most of the, some I just sit on for the ride.


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