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Things that never occurred to me #2 – Psychic Fraud

These are the people who think they can talk to the dead, get cryptical messages from the beyond, can pass on messages and give guidance on where to find things that are lost. For realsies. 

But of all the deluded people who think they can why is it that there is not one instance of a psychic fraudster? One that has used their “powers” of “seeing” to gather information about you. Say your bank account number, or credit card details or even your eftpos card and pin number. Ok so getting your eftpos card is plain old theft, and I’m sure there are plenty of instances of fraudulent and thieving psychics that have used their conniving ways to get money out of people.

But you’re telling me that of all the criminals in the “afterlife” are reformed, and that not a one of them is willing to torment and wreak havoc on the living by passing this type of message to the “seer”

Of course not. They can’t talk to the dead.

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