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Inconceivable! Why I should avoid the newspapers.

I shouldn’t read the newspaper, it annoys me.

Prisons. “Auckland’s Mt Eden prison operator Serco has been accused of bribing inmates with bigger helpings of food and televisions in their cells to encourage them to behave” ….. And? Well the comments page is enlightening. People have issues that being in prison equals additional punishment. That being in prison isn’t punishment enough, being segregated from the general population isn’t a punishment, they should of course be fed gruel and water, and only if they complete their 20 hours of manual labour. It’s a wonder. Sure there are bad people in prisons, they are in he maximum security ones, the ones that allow you a couple of hours outside your cell a day, every day for the next however many years. Sure there are career crims in prison, wherein it becomes some kind of badge of honour, I’m sure they’re not happy. No I don’t have an alternate, a method to rehab people or think they should be loose and running around. By popular thinking they’re in the right place, away from the population to plot and scheme and get no further ahead in life.

Captain Obvious comes to visit with this headline comment “Macsyna King is laying blame for her twin babies’ deaths with their father” No shit Sherlock, this is her book, her story, it’s hardly going to be a confession is it. What were you expecting? I’m sure the book is a wonderful collection of colourful anecdotes, half truths, omission and fabrication, ably conducted by the Mr. Ian Wishart, who is doing it for altruistic reasons only, hardly covering his costs of course.

 It annoys me that today, for instance, the NZHerald didn’t print the #gotakeashit hashtag that NIcola Grigg, the bint who is shagging Ritchie McCaw used in her tweet. So half a story. The other annoying thing is that they gave her column inches. What’s with that? Seems though that she disappeared herself from twitter quick smart, too much adulation I should think.

that is all.

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