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Funding and Self-Sustaining organizations – the 2011 Edition

I’ve already written on this:



From the NZ Herald today : Fashion Week’s opening night was swimming along in champagne until managing director Pieter Stewart burst the bubble with a stark warning that the event could not continue without more support.

Minutes after Auckland Mayor Len Brown and Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully lauded its contribution to branding Auckland and New Zealand as a creative country, Stewart stepped up to the podium to say that a 12th year showcasing the industry could not be guaranteed.

Sponsorship had been tough this year, she said.

“Rugby World Cup has taken a huge amount out of the economy.”

More sponsors were needed and local and central government also needed to look at backing the event.

ITs a commercial event, you are charging a door price to enter. So I say again, as I have about Early Child Education centers, Sports events, Music Concerts, Plays, Opera, Ballet it’s a user pays thing. If you have something worth seeing then the people will come. The Rugby Sevens, The Big Day Out, U2, none of them made a loss.

If you have a business idea that is sound then it should also be profitable or break-even if you’re feeling altruistic.

Are we to pour a bottomless cup of money into “nice to have” events to assuage the ego of some minor person in a minor industry to make them feel good. New Zealand Fashion Week – what for? who for? why? You’re not even going to begin to tell me that it’s important because world buyers are totally won over and will hand over cash at such events. If the fashion industry felt it was that important, or they were that good, they would fund it themselves.


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