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I like to cook. Not just the beans on toast or boiled egg cooking, that’s just feeding, but I sometimes have the urge to cook something unusual, or different.

But I like to do it properly. So when I had a mexican schtick I had to make tortillas, and even brought me a tortilla press! Compulsive much!

Today however is shumai. Those are the pork and shrimp dumplings you get at yum char. What I’ve overlooked however is how to steam them, I brought some steamers, but I only brought little ones, and they’ll be too little to put in the Wok, or over a pan. So I have to be creative with chopsticks or something to be able to steam them.

This is course is part of the journey.

What I nearly brought today is a pizza crisper, which sounds incredibly lame-o-rama when you can get perfectly good pizza on an oven tray. Didn’t buy it but now have angst about it! It’s a perforated tray that you cook a pizza in. Dur. It’s that or a pizza stone, which reminds me that I did have one and that it was too large for the oven we have, so it was nice to have, but not useable.

I wonder if you can make pizza in a bbq?


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