A life just as ordinary

Just like you, but different

I did a couple of things

I made this blog http://pdubyha.com bit of frippery and vanity. But it suits me.

I also brought a pizza stone, then I went back and brought another, so now I have two. Why? So I can cook pizza in my BBQ is why, and when that’s not an option then I’ll have two for the ordinary oven. See – upstairs for thinking.

Secondly I watched a documentary on the Aberfan Disaster from 1966 which I remember as a child, don’t ask me how or why but I would have been 5, so either it’s a later memory from another time, or I really do remember it. Who knows the memory is a strange thing.

Anyway from the end of the documentary there is a quote and simple it’s “The past is a different country” which makes a lot of sense, and is something that people ought to remember.


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