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Christmas – Decorating the Tree

When I was a child it was tradition in my house to have a heap of christmas decoration. Not only did we have the bunting decoration on the ceiling, from the ceiling rose to the corners, and around the outsides, but we always had a “real” christmas tree.

Usually too tall.

Of course there were lights.

And someone had to sit there with a multimeter and check every bulb to make sure they would work, one bulb would stop them all working.

It was a chore that no one complained about.

But the best bit about decorating the tree was in the decoration. We would string “Quality Street” chocolates with cotton, and we would hand these on the tree.

They were sparkly like decorations should be, and you could take a sweet from the wrapper, leaving the wrapper, and they’d still be a decoration.

Bonus was on taking the tree down that there were always hidden and un-found ones that made it worthwhile


This is something I’ve carried on doing, in NZ we use Cadbury Roses, same effect, and this year it pleased me that my son took it on himself to decorate the tree for the house and he carried on the tradition.

 Not this  tradition though, and although I don’t recall out house ever looking this, er, flamboyant, it does give you an idea of what we did have.





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