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In the court of public opinion – #1

In the case of a 16yo in Turangi A particularly tasteless sex crime against a girl 5.

Thankfully public opinion and sentiment isn’t the deciding factor in what if any punishments are due. There isn’t much doubt about guilt, the teen, by all accounts, turned himself in, and is in custody, bail declined, for the duration.  The story will be one of why, and how. And we will all have an opinion on that.

But is you’ve been unfortunate enough to read some blogs then you’ll find things like this, all anonymous all ignorant and all rabid;

  • “Hopefully this scumbag will be jailed. He will last about 5 seconds in prison.”
  • “He should be fucking shot”
  • “he big pity is … the cunt is only 16 and  will create a feeding frenzy for lawyers, psychiatrist and the like all at our expence, besides that in jail nowadays most of the crims are in for similar shit, they will just fuck him.”
  • “16. Disgusting. And of course will likely not be convicted due to his age. Appalling.”
  • “I REALLY hope that the judge refuses name suppression in this case.”
  • “It’s well past time minors got automatic name suppression. Hang em high”
  • ime for a little social justice me thinks….Should get a lynch mob together outside Taupo youth court for a public castration and flogging. What a piece of trash cant wait till his lawyer (probably tax payer provided) blames his tragic upbringing.”

And that’s just from just one blog!

Twitter had is share of agony aunts and uncles, with one long and ill-informed back and forth about nature over nurture that I was (As was the whole of connected twitter) watching (or participating in).

Bottom line is not a one of us knows, and not a one of us will get to decide on this. The worst thing about this whole episode, in my opinion, is the level of faux outrage that  people have. The crime was sick and distasteful, all crimes against children are, but with a little nudge from the media and we have a circus born. And to the circus come the freaks, freaks with opinions, bloated, self-important or ill-informed, all there at one outlet or another.

This is the price we pay for democracy on the internet of course, we’re all allowed our say and we’re all at liberty to share it with who ever we like, where we like, and how we like.

Casting aside even our own sense of moral right and climbing on the high horse of public outrage doesn’t end well. We’re increasingly like a school of  sharks who encircle the next victim with a savage onslaught, only to move away quietly to the next victim, out faux outrage dissipated.

We’ve had this Faux Outrage at events such as, Pike river, Michael Laws, Garth George, The Tea Cup fiasco,  the Rena accident, and just about any time there is a child abuse case spread across the media.

It’s ok to be disgusted, and to be confused by events that you don’t have any control over, really it is, however it’s not ok to assume that you are the arbiter of outcomes. It just doesn’t work that way.

just saying.

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