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A Circle Jerk – The NZ New Year honors role call.

171 people to be recognised in the New Year 2012 New Zealand Royal Honours.

Aside from Ralph Hotere who’s dedication, focus and single-mindedness to his art which, which like it or not (the art) deserves recognition, there is little of merit in the other 170 names on the list.

Ok, so I’ll back down a little and some of the names, those give selflessly and without reward probably deserve some wider recognition, and it is likely that within their own circle, their own community they are fairly well-known, or at least renown for their work, even if most people never have contact with them, or are likely to.

Haters gonna hate right? Not really. I’ve never understood the glee with which we recognize people for doing their job.

“For services to Business” Spare me.
“For being a Rugby Coach” Give over! What if the All Blacks hadn’t won the RWC?
“For services to the State” – so for being a career public servant. Beggars belief.

There are a lot of unfathomable examples of awards, to a myriad of unknown people in unknown jobs. Fair play to them (mostly), but I question the reward for “doing your job”.

I’m sure that if these accolades came with a big cheque then there would be slightly more scrutiny and not a “Meh” when they are published.

via Prominent artist tops New Year honours (+ list) – National – NZ Herald News.

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