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Trying Teen Times – the grown up one – A New Car redux

This time though…. Well we still do have the big red garden ornament, its outside gathering a cobweb and surrounded by road cones as the road works goes on around it. It’ll be like the H.G.Wells time machine it sits there much longer. It’s innards and stowed in the boot, for someone braver or richer than I to put back together and it’ll be off to the crusher shortly. The same way car #1 went, the trust Mazda Famillia.

Today though I announce a new new new car, a Nissan Sunny in Blue. It’s 12 years old and has a stately 185K on the clock, and being totally mechanically minded I can tell you it drives ok.


Image via Wikipedia

It’s an ex-rental and will come delivered with a new Windscreen as the old one has a big stone chip, it’ll have a full valet and service, WOF and reggo. plus it’ll have a basic break and bring it back warranty for a month.

And it didn’t cost the earth.

So second time lucky and third time a charm on this one. Boy child should get a bit more use out of it than the 10 or so days from the last one.

Or not.


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