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It’s not what they say it’s how you read them – Personalised Plates – The Follow Up

I recently saw a couple of personalised plates on my travel in Albany. https://pdubyah.com/2012/02/16/its-not-what-they-say-its-how-you-read-them-personalised-plates/ These are those;

And being the curmudgeon I am I paused to think about the good taste and decency that these showed. I contacted the people at Plates.co.nz but they are only the issuing agency and not arbiters of taste and decency and I was referred to the NZTA a chap by the name of Alan Montgomery who job title wasn’t “registrar” as I’d thought but rather  “Manager Customer Access”

So I wrote a real letter, and used a real envelope and stamp and sent away a missive. This is in part the reply;


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