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Question : Where’s The Movement For Howard Morgan?

There is a reason I think that this story will gather no mainstream momentum. It will be added into a list of things that African American “Black” people will feel rightly and justifiably aggrieved about.

And the thing that I think will stop this is the line

As you can see, Morgan is black. All of the police officers who discharged the barrage of bullets into him were white.

That the story is repeated on a few websites almost verbatim (churnalism),and that it dates back to 2005 might be the reason that there is no “Community Outrage”.

Ok so I’m white. And I might be reading this incorrectly , or be over sensitive, but to have a story who’s justice pivots on skin color, I’m black they’re white therefore it’s wrong, seems a little at odds.

Clearly America, and a few other countries, have issues with race and equality. But I’d be more sympathetic if they’d left the color card in the draw and let me draw my own conclusions.

I don’t think there is a white conspiracy, because that is just to difficult to justify, is there a collusion and denial going on in this instance, possibly. Who knows for sure, apart from those that were there at the time, and they’re not going to change their story. Were they all good ol’ White boys, or were they Hispanics, or Asian Americans? or really all just White. Makes me think of a Jospeh Wambaugh novel.

And I’m in no way saying that “as presented” the case is a cut and dried example of a cover-up, conspiracy, or whitewash, what seems to be suspicious is that in 7 years not one bright up coming feisty for-the-cause lawyer has managed to make anything out of this.

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One comment on “Question : Where’s The Movement For Howard Morgan?

  1. bonju
    April 7, 2012

    2012 – open season on black people…and I’m white – well sort a – what I am really is human. How about you? Love the article and thanks for the pingback to bonju blog – Bonju


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