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When the children grow up – the one with the memories

Original description on flickr: This another d...

Original description on flickr: This another doll that was owned by my great aunt. I had her re-strung at the NY Doll Hospital. I was told that she is a German doll from about 1900. I believe she is a German Bisque Kestner, Mold 171. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daughter is having a fine old time recounting to us her version of her childhood.

There are a couple of stand out stories so far. They all start with “Do you remember the time that”…  So here we go

Do you remember the time that we were on the ferry (the Auckland to Waiheke ferry), and I wanted a drink?. Well you went to get me one and you came back with a can of Fanta,and I wanted Sprite, And I cried?


Do you remember the time when you brought me home a boy doll, and it was ugly, and I cried?

To expand on that a little daughter had a “tall” doll, sort of 24 inches, and I saw on my travels an equivalent sized boy doll, and brought it for her, she screamed and threw it to one side and never ever touched it. We gave it away. Even Mrs Pdubyah thought it was ugly and a bit of a mistake.


Do you remember that time at the park when a bee flew at me and I closed my eyes and when I opened them it had gone? And I asked you to check my eye as I thought the bee had flown into and was now living in my eyeball. And I Cried?

For entertainment value it’s magnificent around the dinner table.although they all have the slightly depressing “and I cried” at the end of them. We know she has a bunch of other memories and prodigious recall of places and events and places, quite scary.


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