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Growing up – the one with the Ball Gown

The Last School Ball and the Cocktail dress.

It’s the last of year of regular school for the daughter.

This is the one where she’s given up competitive sport to concentrate on. The one that she feels will define her.Anyway, being the last year, it seems that there is going to be a school ball, as there is every year it seems. But this one is special. Not like the last one where a cocktail dress was sufficient this one is different.

And I don’t know why it’s special or what significance it has, since they didn’t have school balls when I were a lad.

So we’re über organised (daughter that is) she’s diligently been on line to the ASOS shop and picked out a little number that appears to her. It’s a tulle skirt and a sparkly bodice (says the man with the fashion sense to call Pink ‘Salmon’ when he wears it). It works out at about $500, depending on the exchange rate of the day. She’s brought from ASOS in the past and they seem to be all fine nad dandy. And I don’t have a problem if that’s what she wants and it brings peace and tranquility to the house.

MrsPdubyah on the other hand is a bit more practical. “Can’t just buy off the peg. on line”, she says “have one made!” I frowned.

This is a great idea, as explained by MrsPdubyah to daughter “who knows what it looks like really, or how it’s made, or indeed if it needs to be adjusted and nipped and tucked” I nodded wisely.

Secretly though this is about the opportunity for a bit of Mother-Daughter time and a visit to the material shops to check out the spangle materials and tulle. Daughter is quite excited by the idea of this kind of shopping, and has already started to plan her “Girls Shopping Trip” even if it is only with her mother.

Me? I’m standing by with smiles and support and a pained look on standby when the bill comes in.

Update : Well I got that wrong, it’s New York Dresses and not ASOS. Well I tried to listen.

So is $500 acceptable? Am I being reasonable?


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