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Growing up – the one with the leaving home.

#1 Son is about to leave the parental home and set up a love nest with this girlfriend. It’s been a while coming.

As a father I’m pleased that he’s at last making his way in the world and leaving home to set out anew is a big step for anyone to take.

So they’ve found a place to live, and it sounds very 70’s. They have a few things between them, or rather the girlfriend has a few things, since she’s been living away from her parents for a few years. #1 son brings nothing to the table, not even a table.

We’re going to help with the bond for the flat, but MrsPdubyah is reluctant to do more than that. Which is strange possibly because deep down she does not want him to leave the house. You’d think she’d be all for setting him up and letting him go. Proves you can be married for many many years and really not get your partner.

Anyway west down to talk about what they might need to get them into a normal life. The list went like this;

  • Broadband
  • Fridge
  • Washing Machine
  • Table and Chairs
  • Crockery
  • Knives and forks
  • Chest of draws for clothes
  • Electricity Account

in that order. Really yes.

Last night #1 son had an intense hour on the interwebtubes looking at the price of broadband plans.

I’m sure he’ll be right, his girlfriend will sort out his lack of ability to pick up dirty clothes and to his inability to find the kitchen sink to wash plates up. It’s a big challenge.

One thing MrsPdubyah did say to #1 Son was that because they didn’t have a washing machine that he’d be fine to drop off his dirty laundry to home and she’d be happy to wash it and drop it back to him. WTF seriously!


3 comments on “Growing up – the one with the leaving home.

  1. kingmidget
    July 8, 2012

    Great post. I think Mrs.Pdubyah isn’t ready to cut the strings just yet. I’m convinced this is one of the differences between mothers and fathers. By the time our kids leave, we dads can’t help them get out of the house fast enough. I’m doing everything I can to make clear to mine that once they leave, they need to recognize they’re gone. The door is shut behind them and good luck. I don’t think my hope in that regard will come true as the wife will never say “no” to them.


    • Pdubyah
      July 8, 2012

      But it’s not like it’s consistent. It’s ok for MrsPdubyah to do Washing, and even still be buying clothes, and feeding #1son, but there is a tension when he won’t tidy up, or is forgetful or careless.

      And we have a “leaving home” fund, but do you think I can persuade MrdPdubyah to part with some of the money for them. On your nelly I can.

      So I’m proud they’re making their way, MrsPdubyah is anxious they do well, but not so anxious as to be giving them an easy ride into it.


  2. Janelle
    July 10, 2012

    It’s complicated. I know; I’m a mom, too.


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