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It’s been an intriguing week.

Boychild has signed his tenancy agreement with his girlfriend and a new landlord for a place in Kelston.

All his worldly goods in a couple of boxes.

I was rebuked for my assertion that his prime concern was the Interwebtubes, it wasn’t. apparently he’s worried about burning the new place down. I have no idea how my spawn has turned out if this is his concern.

MrsPdubyah has paid the bond with the landlord, and despite her mercenary outlook is now looking for a fridge freezer unit to deliver  to them on the weekend.

Who knew that there were shops specifically set up for second hand fridges. The Appliance Store in Birkenhead for instance, and TradeMe is an endless source. Makes sense, I mean, who ever throws out a fridge? We’re still using the one we brought 25 years ago to keep my beer in. And the Freezer still seems to freeze ok. I shall miss them when they are gone.

Boychild has sorted an electrickery account, he’s brought some insurances (including fire) and is looking forward to his day of assembling things in his new shag-pad.

The new place, I’ve haven’t seen it yet, apparently is quite elevated and has a view over Auckland, but it is old school, and MrsPdubyah says it’s a bit musty.

She bit her tongue though since she’s lived in some well average places.

Hopefully boychild will rein in his enthusiasm and accept the gifts that MrsPdubyah will bring, including a fridge.

I think they’re still short a Table and Chairs, and a washing machine. It’s not the end of the world, the laundromat can be a great meeting place, and they probably have free wi-fi these days.


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