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..and then I dreamt of a perpetual motion machine…

Robert Boyle's self-flowing flask fills itself...

Robert Boyle’s self-flowing flask fills itself in this diagram, but perpetual motion machines cannot exist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Perpetual motion machine, which is different from a free energy device.If you google you’ll find all manner of weird and wonderous devices either real or imagined that are examples of attempts to construct a perpetual motion machine.

I’m not sure if there are rules to such things, other than once started should not stop. Most all of the devices on the net are extremely complex and involve many parts, centrifugal devices with swinging arms, strange chain driven things, things that reply on some weird notion of gravity and water.

The dream I had was of a very simple gadget, involving a couple of magnets a cog and a counter.

  • So. The basic of my dream was that magnets when positioned pole to pole so North facing North should repel each other.
  • You have one fixed and one attached to a pendulum or fixed point so that swings freely.
  • When repelled the free swinging magnet swings away in an arc. Left to itself this would then eventually come to state of rest and in a neutral position, balanced between attraction by gravity and repulsion by magnetic force.
  • In my dream however when the free swinging magnet is repulsed it comes to rest on a cog device, stopping it’s motion, momentarily. Therefore each swing towards the fixed magnet is a discrete event.
  • The cog turns by weight of gravity, and the magnet is released to perform another swing towards the fixed magnet at the bottom of the arc.
  • It swings. It stops. It swings. It stops.
  • In my dream there was no loss of momentum as each momentum was it’s own event.

The counter was attached to the cog for entertainment and to show how many times the device has swung back and forth. In my dream there is no free energy created, and although there is friction between the pivot point and at the cog, there is an expectation of object at rest. There is no more energy being created than being used. In my dream this device seemed so obvious that it must have been tried before.

It was just a toy. An it’d get pretty boring after a while. I also undestand that wear and tear would make the construction doomed to failure eventually, but it’s not a free energy device, it offers nothing in return.

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