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Happy Families – the one with the recap #2

Anyways we crack on ….  There are many more things to tell

If you remember we had an aunt Peggy  – it turns out that she was not a relation at all. This came to light when Peggy needed proof of identity for her pension rights. Seems our nan took her in. Mum only said she was very upset and angry.

but a footnote clears it up somewhat:  Peggy is a relation, that’s your Mum’s “sister” on her birth cert. The father is named as your granddad ( Eva’s dad ), but the mother isn’t Harriet (grandmother), but is in fact your Grandads sister.  We presume that whilst married – the mother who’s name evades us at present – and with her husband is  at war (or dead) she’s become pregnant. Our Grandparents have taken Peggy as their own, hence Grandads name on the birth certificate, so Peggy was your Mums cousin and her “parents” we’re her Aunt & Uncle.

In other stories

The bishop of Fulham is a relative! He came to visit us once.

Granddad had a  brother who lived just yards away they never spoke.

Took mum to see Albert SCRIVEN  –  he being a cousin –  his brother was a boxer and actually spared with the late Sir Henry Cooper, we have a letter from him telling us that.

Granddads father fell of the back of a horse and cart and died. He was born in Crewkerne  – that’s Somerset.

granddad  served in WW I –  according to mum he was a stretcher bearer.  Had a finger knuckle shot off Clive may remember that twisted finger.

Uncle George who lived at the same house got shrapnel wounds in the back we have a photo of him in uniform with a military motorbike. Sadly he jumped in front of a train at Hither Green. There was a short story in the newspaper at the time. I talked to the head of British Railways about this but they don’t keep records.

Then there is Uncle Jim. Uncle Jim took everything,  but he died a pauper at Bury St Edmunds.  The council cremated him, and put his ashes on nans grave.

The only relation alive is by marriage, and  is Uncle George’s wife.  Mums brother, George was in the SAS.

Our older cousins are passing away,  cousin Tarn died , Cousin Sam (Clive will remember him he has cancer) is living in  somewhere like Thailand  –  sold his house to provide for himself as money goes further.

We have a relation there who as done much ancestry work,  I met him on the family tree. There is a soldier with the surname “Hicks” –  a war memorial statue, more than one, who posed for the sculpture  – we have a photo,  It’s also the memorial statue near us, anyway we’re sure there are more.

Our family tree goes back to 1604 I think but only on mums side.

We have relations in South NZ – Waimate. Might as well put this a relative played for the all blacks. a long time ago.

and Finally….

Uncle Syd was a  boxer –  using the name “Pat Crowley” in Ireland.  Not a good idea to be an Englishman with “the troubles” then. A record of 99 fights undefeated. The information came from a boxing historian who was very excited when we told him who Pat Crowley was. Also spoke to the owner of boxing magazine about George SCRIVEN, grandads son, he was an Olympic hopeful but liked women and a beer he’s the one who sparred with Henry Cooper.


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