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Sporting your life vicariously – the last Tournament – Aftermath

The Final Federation Cup Hockey Tournament for the #1 Daughter is done and dusted.

After the two games on Monday the dye had been cast and the girls were then in the bottom half off the draw – the bottom 8, which was confirmed after a further loss on the Tuesday.

Wednesday’s game, against, surprisingly Whangarei GHS, meant that the loser would effectively be relegated from the tournament the following year.

It didn’t go well, the Rangitoto girls turned up to play in a very terse, nervous and sombre mood. And this translated to a ponderous and withdrawn match that they lost easily to a very motivated Whangarei team.

Thursday then, nothing to lose and a match against Kristin School, who, ironically are the closest school to Rangitoto College in Auckland. They have “the wood” on them and 1-0 doesn’t really do justice to a match that Rangitoto dominated for he large part

And so to a final game, in the pouring rain, and #1 seeding for the Marie Fry tournament next year, and a comprehensive 5-2, smiles and high fives all round.

  • Mon 3rd Sep  Round 1 Pool C Rangitoto College Craighead Diocesan  LOSS 0 – 2 
  • Mon 3rd Sep  Round 2 Pool C Rangitoto College Villa Maria College LOSS 2 – 4 
  • Tue 4th Sep    Round 3 Pool C St Cuthbert‘s College Rangitoto College LOSS 3 – 0 
  • Wed 5th Sep  Crossover Round 4 Whangarei Girls’ High Rangitoto College LOSS 4 – 0
  • Thu 6th Sep   Crossover Round 5 Rangitoto College Kristin School WIN 1 – 0 
  • Fri 7th Sep   Final Round Rangitoto College Palmerston North Girls WIN 5 – 2 

Final Results and Placings

  • 1 St Cuthbert’s College
  • 2 Wairarapa College
  • 3 Diocesan School
  • 4 Rangi Ruru Girls
  • 5 Villa Maria College
  • 6 St Margaret’s College
  • 7 Epsom Girls Grammar
  • 8 St Hilda’s Collegiate
  • 9 Whangarei Girls’ High
  • 10 Craighead Diocesan
  • 11 St Matthew‘s Collegiate
  • 12 Christchurch Girls High
  • 13 Rangitoto College
  • 14 Palmerston North Girls
  • 15 Kristin School
  • 16 Gisborne Girls High

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