A life just as ordinary

Just like you, but different

The one where I pretend to be a Chef

I like food.

A lot.

I like a lot of food.

I like to try new things when I eat out, having the belief that there wouldn’t be anything on a menu that would kill you. There might be a bit that is repulsive, but nothing that should kill you.

Yesterday I added to the collection of gadgets and things with a Paella pan from the nice people at the Paella pan place in Mt.Eden.

I didn’t opt for the Stainless Steel one, the one with the red handles on the advice of the Paella man.

He told me, and I have no reason to doubt him, or I am an easy sell, that there are a couple of things with the steel pans that I need to know.

1) They don’t cook evenly, being steel they don’t have an even heat, and the edges can be cooler than the center.

2) They are higher maintenance, being steel they can show rust, and need to be kept dry and oiled when not in use.

A enamelled Paella Pan

So I went for the Enamelled version, which he assures me has a more even heat and although is less aesthetically pleasing was the superior pan, in his opinion. I picked up some rice, and some instant paella mix that he also recommended and I toddled off. All that I need now is the stock, the seafood and an hour to prepare and eat.And after cooking it will end up in the gadget cupboard.

The Gadget cupboard that contains, amongst other things,

  • Ice-Cream Maker
  • Tortilla Press
  • Pasta Machine
  • Bread Tins
  • mandolin
  • Mortal and Pestle
  • Pizza Stones

There is still  room however for

  • A Tagine
  • Deep Fat Fryer

Oh and if you’re wondering the slow-cooker lives in another cupboard, but not all by itself, it’s with the sandwich press.

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