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Beer- #101 – Dux de Lux – Hereford Bitter

Dux de Lux – Hereford Bitter – Brewed by Dux de Lux in the style of a Schwarzbier in Christchurch, New Zealand. So not a bitter then.

Hereford BitterA Schwarzbier “Dark brown to black. Medium body. Roasted malt evident. Low sweetness in aroma and flavor. Low to medium bitterness. Low bitterness from roast malt. Hop flavor and aroma, “noble-type” OK. No fruitiness, esters.

So not a bitter then.

A distinctive dark Munich lager, created by the inclusion of dark roast malts, finished with a slight tangy hop

So not a bitter then.

5% ABV of a 500ml bottle of beer. Fairly deep dark brown, reasonable bubbles. Not much on the aroma. the taste is very malty, but then not. It’s kind of bitter and not at the same time too. Either this is a very clever beer, or it’s missed the point.

It’s also a bit thin and without length. Beginning to think that I might not be a big fan of this, which isn’t surprising as it seems overly complicated and dressed up.

I’ve got to pay more attention though as this is a best before 30/Sep/12 beer, which is a bit past it’s best when I brought it, and I trusted the guys at Glengarrys too. Mind you they sold me that godawful nonsense Bismark Brown Ale.

As I’m drinking it then I can’t mark it more than a 5 on the pdubyah-o-meter scale of arbitrary. It might be a lot more than I have in my glass, which I’m going to drink and be happy with, but it is what it is.

Sad that.


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