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Beer – #115 – Brew Moon – Olé Molé

Brew Moon (NZ) Olé Molé beer – Brewed by Brew Moon Brewing Company
in the styleof a Spice/Herb/Vegetable and that trickery happens in Amberley, North Canterbury, New Zealand.

Brew Moon - Ole Mole500mls (pint) of a 5% ABV concoction, and when I say concoction : Olé Molé – A culinary beer inspired by the famous Mexican dish Mole. This beer has lots of different spices including 3 different chillis and cocoa on a bock base to produce one balanced but very sexy Mexican!

The label  says “Live Ale – keep cool and dark” They probably mean the Ale, as I’m neither cool or dark.

A new brewery to me, Brew Moon, I may have been put off by their labels before, but here goes. What do you expect from a Chilli beer? They promise a beer to be Chemical and preservative free, and this one has a bottle date in August 2013.

Right away it’s very carbonated, but headless, it’s a muddy cloudy beer, and there are things floating in it. Um should they have made a point about letting this settle and pouring gently, are the things a thing?

The Aroma is vegetable and cocoa. The taste is like nothing I’ve ever had before, There are two distinct things, the first I’ve forgotten but the the second is a chilli explosion on the back of the tongue, wow! wow!

The first is a wonderful temptation of flavours, I’m not quick enough to grab them. I’ll keep trying.

The Chilli burst is still there, reminding your throat that it just enjoyed something. The under flavour, the first explosion flavour appears to be citrus like, but the heat, yes the heat, make it very difficult. It’s like a sucker punch.

MrsPdubyah had a sip, a tiny sip, she’s not talking to me for a few hours I can tell, Hot Chilli beer isn’t her thing.

The pdubyah-o-meter has no idea how to rate this, but it’s a 8 of it’s things, making this a beer that shouldn’t be discarded, but treated with a wary eye. I defy anyone to have more than one of these it’s just too unusual and challenging in it’s difference. As to the sediments they might warn you, then again they’re integral to the thing. Delightfully  quirky and actually tasty enough to pull of a madness that shouldn’t work.

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