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Beer – #119 – Hallertau – Maximus Humulus Lupulus

Hallertau Maximus Humulus Lupulus. Brewed by Hallertau Brewbar & Restaurant in the styleof an American Strong Ale, in Auckland.

Strong Ale? It says Pale Ale on the label.

Hallertau - Maximum Humulus LupulusThe fiercely floral and fragrant hop, known as the Earth Wolf by the Ancients, has been cunningly tamed with a soft, rich maltiness. Please drink respectfully

India Pale Ale – The Gladiator of Hops of 5.8% ABV in a dinky 330ml bottle, not the larger 750ml size.

The fiercely floral and fragrant hop, known as the earth wolf by the ancients, has been cunningly tamed with a soft, rich, maltiness.

So again a beer with mixed messaging from the intertubes. Again I’ll go with the source on this. This has been re-packaged to the smaller bottles and toned down from a 6.8% ABV offering. That’s not always a bad thing.

Hazy muddy cloudy golden pour with a rapidly disappearing head, fantastic flush of hop aroma. Not the prettiest beer I ever poured. Bittery hops but with a short length finishing. Lots of grass, and what you’d have to put down as an overall dry taste.

An interesting beer this, it’s the most complicated named, the ugliest looking and it delivers a mixed bag of taste. I didn’t really like the Hallertau 1,2,3 or 4 beers, and this was somewhat a last chance saloon, and because I’d heard a whisper that it might be heads above those.

There’s not a lot of body in this, and adding to the dry I’m therefore also going to say thin, which is usually a sign that they’ve given up on something and left out the bite.

Given the trick packaging you could be lead to think that this was going to deliver something of an adventure.  It doesn’t

The pdubyah-o-meter just says 7. Making this a beer that sits in the pack, it’s bitter hoppy facade really does mask the shortcoming that this has. This has not made me a bigger fan of the Hallertau beers.


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