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Beer – #121 – Yeastie Boys – His Majesty 2012

I stopped in at my local bottle shop on the way home, a particularly weird day at work that was pretty frustrating on a number of fronts, and I picked me up a Yeastie Boys His Majesty 2012.

Yeastie Boys beer is  Brewed at Invercargill Brewery  and His Majesty 2012 is in the style of a : Belgian Ale <strong>

Yeastie Boys - His MajestyHis Majesty, The Fourth, is a Belgian-style strong pale ale. A gentle (yet dangerous) giant of a beer featuring an interplay of sweet bready German malt, a hint of kiwi hops and a delicate spiced fruit from use of a Belgian Abbey yeast.

750ml, 8.5% ABV beer – that’s about 5.3 standard drink units.

I’m only disappointed that this doesn’t have a cork and cage,

Belgium beer then, Sweet, Dark Amber, Heady, Malty, slightly bitter under note. Oh I’m looking forward to this .

Smells great, is dark brown, has a head and bubbles and pops with a goodly amount of carbonation. Nothing wrong with all that so far. You pick up a yeast smell when the head (quickly) dissipates, bit disappointing that it’s gone, but you all know it’s in my technique and not the beer.

There’s a heavy caramel taste, and rich burnt sugars, It also has what seem like spices in action, and the bubbles play across your tongue  in a nice way. There’s no indication that this is a strong ale, no back note of alcohol being hidden by the sweets. Nice work.

The bottle has a note that this is good now or up to 5 years in the cellar. Who are they kidding, this won’t see the hour out 🙂

I’ve been called out before for not rating the Yeastie boys, but in this there is no mistake, it’s pretty accomplished and  I’m thinking one bottle will make me smile, two will make me sing. It would also put me over the line of desperate drunk, again it’s hard to pick that this is a strong beer by the way beers go, and it could get you in trouble

The pdubyah-o-meter loves this 9.25 things on it’s grand scale of things. I like Belgium beer, I like this. If I could get it with a head and lacing then I’d adore this. I pretty much love it already but.

As this sits in the glass getting warm  you can really notice the malts warming up and making the beer ‘glow’  and to my old tired eyes you can pick out the alcohol on the side of the glass as you swirl and admire what’s going on – which Is a story Im going to stick to.

You know those beers where I dare you to get one and confidence would make me bet your money back if you hated it, this might just be one of those times. Beer to make you chuckle, I got me one of those .


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