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Beer – #123 – La Chouffe

Simply ” La Chouffe ” Brewed by Brasserie d’Achouffe (Moortgat) in the style of a Belgian Strong Ale and of all places in Achouffe, Belgium.

La ChouffeAs a treat for completing over 100kms of walking exercise this month I’ve gone and decided that a thirsty Thursday beer is in order

Bottle conditioned.
Golden Ale, strong, spicy, lightly hoppy, with evolving taste. Natural beer, bottle conditioned, unfiltered, not pasteurised and without any additives

750mls of an 8% ABV beer, which is just under 5 standard drink units.

Fantastic fruity sweet aroma, highly carbonated, brilliant white fluffy head, the sweetness dies to a yeasty aroma though, the head settles back. Nice darker golden colour with cloudiness.

Initially this is bitter on the palate, sour bitter, not lemon bitter,  but then wait the taste of the fruits shine through, the lemons again, and there might be honey, which is nice.

This isn’t remarkable though, it’s accomplished and a nice beer, it’s not outstanding,  it’s not needing you to think about what you’re drinking. But it never kicks on and resolves itself to a slightly bitter finish leaving you a bit ambivalent.

The pdubyah-o-meter says 7.5 on the scale of things, it’s better than average and less than good. I’m going to kick back and supp this and feel happy about my 100kms, that I chose a beer that overall brought me a smile and not a frown and look forward to the McChouffe that I have in the fridge for another day.


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