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Beer – #129 – ParrotDog – DeadCanary

ParrotDog – DeadCanary, Brewed by ParrotDog Brewing Ltd. in the style of a  English Pale Ale
from the Windy and Dry Wellington, New Zealand. Laughingly the review site suggests to serve this in a “Pint” glass, which would make for a tiny beer in a big glass.

ParrotDog Dead CanarySince however it’s a 330ml bottle of a 5.3% ABV beer (1.4 standard drink units) I might find a smaller glass for this –

A refreshing, fruity New Zealand-hopped aroma floats aloft a golden coloured English malt base and culminates in a smooth New Zealand-hopped bitterness. An easy drinking pale ale, showcasing both malt and hops in unbiased amounts.

Lovely chestnut colour with a small head, and a glorious amount of balanced hoppy aroma are some ticks in the right places.

Not bitter at all though, and if anything a little under-done, what I’d like to call “thin”. Not to say that I’d turn down another, or another, but that it lacks the thing that makes it special, or different. I don’t get a fruitiness, but it is soft.

Session beer? Not quite, but if we’re at the pub I’d be happy if this was the beer that was being had. The pdubyah-o-meter says about 7.75, as it struggles to be a breakthrough moment for me. I’m smiling about it though, it’s a nice clam pleasant beer to come home to.


2 comments on “Beer – #129 – ParrotDog – DeadCanary

  1. Matt Warner
    April 3, 2013

    “Laughingly”, where exactly do we “suggest to serve it in a ‘Pint’ glass”? I’d also probably label it a NZ Pale Ale, or a NZ-hopped version of an American Pale Ale, rather than an English Pale Ale. Thanks for the review, though.


    • Pdubyah
      April 3, 2013

      I’ll add some more proper English to that, the Ratebeer site suggest a pint glass. I said laughingly because it’s a small bottle 330ml, and the beer would be all lonely in the big pint environment.


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