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Beer – #131 – Badger – First Gold

Change of innings at the cricket and Im into a Badger- First Gold. 500ml of a 4% ABV beer (2 standard drinks). This, then, is Brewed by Badger (Hall & Woodhouse) and it’s in the style of a  Bitter and they create this in Blandford ForumEngland.

Badger- First Gold“It has taken us over two years to develop this golden brown country ale. Badger First Gold is a country ale from Dorset using a single English hop for purity and character.”

And as I write Cook makes a pigs ear and get’s himself out. Oh well hopefully the beer is going to make up a bit for that.

I was surprised that this is only a 4% ale, that’s really at the bottom end of the scale of things.

Wet cereal aroma, small but persistent head, chestnut brown in colour. The wet cereal aroma fades to bring through a bittery hop, which is altogether better, but it’s neither strong or able to put aside the other aromas.

Plenty of carbonation, I don’t think I’m a big fan of fizzy, which gives aside to a pretty disappointingly disappointing flavour combination. There’s precious little maltiness in this, and the hops are a passenger.

Thin, inoffensive, and masquerading as something it’s not. Ha! but it does say “Single English Hop” which accounts for the lack of taste in this, he said jokingly.

This is as bad as is gets for something I thought was going to deliver, not the first time I’ve been disappointed with a beer, but the first time since I’ve been disappointed with  one from the UK, in a long time.

At about 4 on the pdubyah-o-meter you’d be well advised to avoid this, I’d be more scathing but it is a 4% beer and suitable for a session of beer, but not a beer you’d like a session with, if that makes sense. I

It’s not improving either with sitting, and I’m rather hoping to get to the end rather quickly so that I can get on with something more in line with making me smile. I live in hope.


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